IFL brings out the best in people


Sakshi Lawande

“PV students gathering at Crow Creek Park for IFL”

Akash Pradeep, Feature Editor

Every weekend, about 10-20 students join together at Crow Creek park to  play football. They elect two captains, and the captains pick their teams. After a couple minutes of warming up, the intense game begins. 

IFL is an after-school activity where students from PV and their friends play two-hand touch football. Students usually gather on the weekend, and the games last for approximately two hours. Sakshi Lawande’s IFL article shows the beginnings of the club and its purpose. 

Moreover, the IFL was very impactful, because it allowed people who do not want to play for the school time or cannot make it to have a great time participating in the game. Sanjiv Iyer noted, “The two-hand touch rule lets us play without having to worry about serious injuries or big hits. It let us play the game with more passion.” IFL allowed players to express their excitement for the sport, even if they cannot play for the school team. 

Furthermore, IFL was very compelling, because it became a stress reliever for many people. Sid Sharma indicated, “The IFL is so fun, because we always hang out after and the games are very competitive.” The IFL gave people the time to relax and interact with their friends, while they played football, combining their passion for the game and their excitement to be with their friends. 

Even when the weather got chilly, people would go out and play in 30 and 40 degree weather. Darsh Balani said, “We all just put on a jacket, hat, and some gloves. The weather cannot stop the competitive feeling.” The commitment to the IFL displayed the inspiring nature of the club, because people would want to play, even if there were hindrances. The IFL showed how purposeful a recreational club can be in getting people together and creating an atmosphere of competition and enjoyment. 

With the onset of COVID-19, it has been difficult to gather because of safety measures. However, the excitement for the club has not faded, as people in the group chat for the club still message each other, posting memes and other news. The spirit of IFL will continue to prosper as members of the club are determined to keep the club going.