Extra funding allows all PV students to receive free breakfast and lunch


Addi Steele

A popular meal that students are served at lunch.

Kelly Brewer, Social Media Manager

Pleasant Valley School District has received funding that allows students to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch per day.  

PV recently switched food programs from the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program to the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). The Federal Government has provided funding for this program and the extra funds have allowed all PV students to receive one free breakfast and one free lunch per day. 

PV’s food service program is now reimbursed for all meals served. The free meals are expected to continue until Dec. 31 or until the extra funds run out.

The free meals consist of one entree and the fruits and vegetables provided. However, if students choose to purchase extra entrees or ala carte items such as chips, Propel, banana, etc. they must have funds in their lunch account. 

PV is not the only district who has been able to receive these funds. Any school district can join this program, however they must apply for an application first. Bettendorf Community School District is also a part of this program.

These funds have relieved a lot of stress for many parents.“As a parent, we have many things on our plate. With these free meals, it gives parents, including myself, one less thing to worry about. Parents aren’t having to worry about whether their kids can buy lunch or not and it saves us all some extra money,” said Joel Naumen. Parents and students can rely on this service on their online days as well, with the option to come to the school and pick up food. 

PV provides nutritious items so that they can ensure kids are being fed a proper diet that will help students be energized and refreshed in order to perform well in school. 

PV purchases milk from Prairie Farms, fresh produce from Loffredo, and other food items from Kohl Wholesale. All of which support local dairy farms and locally/family owned businesses in the Midwest. Andrea Mahler, Food Service Director for PV, wanted to “encourage all to start using this service as [PV] employs 40 [food service workers].”

The free lunches have been active since Sept. 21. PV encourages students to take advantage of these funds through December or until funds run out, whichever comes first.