Gearing up: How PVHS plans to handle winter wear



Lockers have not been used in the 2020-2021 school year, yet…

Ethan Stigler, PV Only Editor

Due to COVID-19 Pleasant Valley Junior High changed their rule on lockers. Previously students were unable to utilize their lockers. However, recently, they started allowing students to use their lockers before school, at lunch and after school. 

Pleasant Valley High School has yet to change their rules on lockers. This causes the following question: will the high school change their locker rules to accommodate winter clothes?

Principal Darren Erickson addressed the idea.“This is being piloted at the Jr. High per our Central Office and School Board conversation at the last Board of Educationmeeting. We know we will have to address this in some manner in the near future so they wanted a better picture of what this will look like.” The school board is utilizing the junior high as a guinea pig to test the waters on the adapted locker  rules.

According to Erickson, safety is Pleasant Valley’s number one priority. “We may consider limiting what items to keep in there to reduce time spent at lockers, looking at spacing to keep students from being side to side in side by side lockers at the same time,” Erickson said. The board is working to keep students safe even if lockers are necessary for winter wear.

Another change to safety rules is students being allowed to carry around backpacks this year. Junior Camden Docherty enjoys this new policy. “I like to bring my backpack from class to class, that way I don’t have to make a detour to my locker,”Docherty stated. 

 Docherty explained how these new rules could lighten the load on students this year and make winter easier for them. “I think that lockers would be a good idea for winter clothes so that way kids do not need to carry their coats and boots around all day,” he explained.

While the high school is waiting to see results from the junior high, one thing is for certain: students will not have to lug around gear all winter long. The switch is sure to be safe and accommodate all students with their winter gear.