Black Businesses to Support


Pexels from Pixabay

Supporting black businesses is always important. And the representation in the media for POC is crucial for interconnectivity between all cultures.

Corea Conner, Photo Manager

When you are online shopping, do you notice that you may be stuck in a loop buying the same products from the same brand month after month? Truly there is no shame in loving and trusting your favorite brands but there may be a product online you did not know you needed. These are 6 Black Online Businesses you’ve been missing out on.  

1. Epara skincare

Ozohu Adoh grew up in Nigeria and studied in the U.K, working with cosmetic sciences.  The website shows that the brand appeals to many cultures and not just black women. Epara is not your typical beauty brand, Adoh’s products are made with all natural ingredients from Africa. The label has a variety of oils, lotions, and creams available. 

2. Kinky Tresses hair

If you have dry and brittle hair, Shawna Moses created the perfect product that will have your hair feeling free and have you feeling confident. Being a scientist and loving chemistry she formulated the perfect product to keep hair hydrated, moisturized and strong for days– The Coconut Mango Hair Butter. She has a whole line of natural hair products. 

3. MuurSwag Fashion

This fashion brand celebrates melanin beauty and reflects it through the bright curve fitting clothing. The brand goes beyond your usual everyday dresses and jumpsuits. The MuurSwag website shows a vast amount of styles you may have never seen before. And because they are also a lifestyle business, they have a variety of shoes and accessories to take a look at. 

4. Juvia’s Place 

The owner, Chichi Eburu, struggled to find makeup shades that would enhance her dark skin complexion. She wanted to give other women makeup that would not only make them feel like they were accepted in the makeup world, but also make it possible for them to see their own beauty. Her makeup lines support all people of color, but has some of the most pigmented makeup in the industry to let people with darker skin shine. 

5. Oma The Label Jewelry 

Neumi Anekhe started her business back in 2018–she wanted to create a brand that represented people of color. Although the jewelry is not exclusively made for POC. Anekhe created a company supporting women of all cultures and colors. The brand executes a non homogenous style that contradicts mainstream fashion with a sweet and subtle attack within the accessory industry. 

6. Keexs 

Jide the co-founder of the Nigerian based brand and the first official footwear brand set in Africa. Although the brand is African, the company ships worldwide. What also makes these shoes so crisp and cool is that they are made by millennials that know style trends exceptionally well. One other aspect that has been added is Keexs ability to customize shoes for customers. Whilst celebrating black pride, Jide wants to practice “interconnectivity” between all cultures and through his innovating shoes he wants to accomplish it.