7 Things to do Before 7a.m.


Tim Foster via Unsplash

Equipping your mornings with healthy habits can improve the quality of your day.

Amelia Prescher, Infographics Manager

How you start your mornings indicates how your day is going to go. With the right mindset and utilizing healthy habits to start your day, your quality of life can improve as well.

1.Stay away from smartphone

Reaching for your phone right before waking up every morning can develop into an addiction and distract you from your priorities for the day. One study indicated that within minutes of waking up, 65 percent of people look at their phones. Paying attention to notifications from social media can overwhelm and disrupt your mornings. One way to combat this habit is turning your phone on airplane mode.


Meditating is proven to declutter stress and enhance moods. Meditating regularly increases activity in the pituitary glands, where endorphins are released. In a high stress society, take some stress off your shoulders by meditating at least 5 minutes a day before 7 a.m.


Whether it’s running, lifting or a sport, exercising in the morning gets the blood flowing and the heart rate up. By increasing the heart rate, you will be more awake and alert instead of hitting the snooze button.

4.Clean your room

Decluttering your environment makes you feel more prepared. Ways to declutter is making your bed, doing the dishes, vacuuming the floors, or preparing meals for the week.


Journaling allows everyone to understand and control the thoughts in your mind. In the morning, it is important to take time out for yourself to reflect. Practicing mindfulness by writing what you’re grateful for, or planning a to do list all contributes to your mental well-being. Journaling these ideas can boost your mood and overall motivation to start the day.

6.Get dressed

Clothing affects your mindset and confidence. Dressing in workwear changes the mind by transitioning from a laid back environment to a working environment. By wearing certain clothing, choosing the right materials can impact the way you carry and feel about yourself. 

7.Drink water

So many of us reach out for our morning coffee. The problem is coffee tends to be very bloating and dehydrating towards the body. When waking up, the body is usually a little dehydrated. Just by drinking water in the morning you are already getting a good start to your day by giving your body what it needs.