Vaccine Variations: The differing effects of the Covid-19 vaccines


Morgan Sorenson

Senior Morgan Sorenson working an early morning shift at Kahl Home after recovering from her reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine

Matt Mickle, PV Only Editor

  • As the Covid-19 vaccine makes its way around the United States, it is starting to answer some questions many people had before the first dose was administered.

A concern shared around the globe is that the vaccine is so new, and people are not sure what affects the vaccine will have on them. As time passes and more people receive their vaccines, those questions and concerns are starting to become more clear. 

As the vaccine makes its way around the world, there has been a recurring theme with how patients may feel after they get their first dose. “I did not experience many symptoms, just a heavy arm for up to about two days after I got my shot,” high school senior Jack Umland stated.

While this is common for lots of people after receiving only one dose, the second dose is said to cause more severe symptoms.

Morgan Sorenson, a high school senior who works as a CNA at Kahl Home, was recently given both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, but she was not as fortunate as others. 

Sorenson says she had the typical sore arm after the first dose, but nothing more. The second dose is where things got ugly for her. “I had a horrible headache, body aches, and a sore throat” She explained.

Unfortunately for the CNA, it would not stop there. “About two days later I began experiencing chills, headache, fever, congestion and a sore throat. My fever got up to 105 degrees and I slept for 20 hours the next day” She stated.

Approximately 6 days after receiving the vaccine, Sorenson was still experiencing these symptoms and took a trip to the Doctor where she would go on to test negative for the flu, strep, mono and Covid-19. This left the Doctor with nothing else but to blame the extreme reaction from the vaccine. 

While people are starting to be able to answer more questions pertaining to the vaccine’s symptoms, it is still unclear as to why the vaccine causes mild symptoms for some, and extreme symptoms for others. The inconsistency of these symptoms are what many people are fearful of today.