Let’s bring it back to the ’90s!



Add these 90’s songs to your playlist if you’re looking to achieve a retro aesthetic.

Sid Sharma, Feature Editor

Retro fashion is making a comeback. Thrift shopping has become more popular among younger generations, so it is only right that it is accompanied by some ‘90s music. Here are eight songs to add to your music collection.

Waterfalls- TLC

R&B girl’s group, TLC, was formed in 1990. Their song, “Waterfalls”, released in 1995, tackles issues such as AIDS and the illegal drug trade. The song allows the lyrics to stand out more than the beat. Add this to your playlist if you’d like to hear meaningful lyrics and a laid back beat.

Twisted- Keith Sweat

Released in 1996, this contemporary R&B song is about a gentleman looking for some love from a desired partner. It is Sweat’s biggest hit, charting at number one on the US Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart for three consecutive weeks.

End of the Road – Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men was formed in 1989. The R&B group released “End of the Road” in 1992. The song won the Grammy Award for Best R&B Song in 1993. If your heart’s still broken from a tough breakup and you want that special someone back, add this emotional song to your playlist.

Keep Ya Head Up – Tupac Shakur

Released in 1993, “Keep Ya Head Up” is a rap song written by Tupac Shakur describing the struggles Black women face in society. The lyrics urge men to appreciate the women in their life and support them through their struggles. If you’re seeking empowerment then  listen to this powerful, poetic song.

Big Poppa – The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. was one of the biggest names in rap in the ‘90s. “Big Poppa” was released in 1994. The song is still popular today because of Tik Tok creators using it as a sound to achieve a desired ‘90s aesthetic. If you want to throw your hands in the air because you’re a true player, add this to your playlist.

Are You That Somebody – Aaliyah

Widely regarded as the princess of R&B, Aaliyah was a young music star, achieving fame at the age of 12. Unfortunately, she lived a short life. She died at the age of 22 in a plane crash in 2001. “Are You That Somebody” was released in 1998. She adds a distinct element to her song that involves baby noises that can be heard in the background. Add this to your playlist to appreciate Aaliyah’s contribution to R&B music.

You Know How We Do It – Ice Cube

Fool, you know how we do it. Released in 1993 by Ice Cube, the song is commonly used on Tik Tok to achieve a ‘90s aesthetic. If you’re taking a drive down Middle Road and want to pretend you’re in the WestSide of Los Angeles, play this song on your AUX cord. 

Return of the Mack- Mark Morrison

Mark Morrison wants to get you dancing in the club with this song. Released in 1996, “Return of the Mack” encourages you to grab a partner and groove on the dance floor. Add this song to your playlist when you’re with your friends.