Masks On, Party On: how COVID-19 changed prom

Prom and RAP had a completely different look this year. Upperclassmen share some of their highlights of this years event compared to past dances.

Lily Barrett

Prom and RAP had a completely different look this year. Upperclassmen share some of their highlights of this year’s event compared to past dances.

Ella Litchfield, Photo Manager

Prom is a staple event for any high school upperclassman. While this year’s dance was initially unlikely to occur, it was an exciting and monumental night for the attendees. This also gave students who had attended a pre-COVID prom an opportunity to reflect on the positive and negative aspects of each dance. 

The pandemic put many limitations on what could be allowed, and PV maintained that guidance even with the chaos of moving locations to avoid temperamental weather. Changes to this event had been made last minute but did not throw off the traditional setting of a PV prom. 

People were able to move around while maintaining health consciousness and safety with the mask requirement. Many students also decided to match their masks to the color of their formal wear, fitting to the COVID-19 protocols.

Although there were last-minute alterations, the gym was nicely decorated with balloons, streamers and a makeshift photo booth. This was one activity that was missed by attendees, a mechanic photo booth to capture memories. Still, everyone was still offered the opportunity to pose for their own pictures by the decor. 

The planning process to predict a possible location change was in-depth and required a dedicated committee of students. Kathryn Buchter, teacher advisor of PV social committee, explained the process and approach of designing and planning the event. “This year had some challenges in planning Prom. The Social Committee didn’t have a chance to meet throughout the year and establish many new members, so we had a smaller group of volunteers and club members this year. Those who were part of the Social Committee really stepped up and worked hard to think up plans and back up plans and back up back up plans for Prom. Our decorations were never delivered and so we had to work as a team to create the atmosphere for Prom with the few supplies that came, that we could buy at the last minute or that we could find in the supply closet.” 

This puts all of the decorations and prom planning in perspective for those who attended. The set up and collaboration in order to make this dance happen was incredibly admirable and greatly appreciated by upperclassmen. 

Senior, Sophia Lindquist admired the change in prom and RAP and was looking forward to it since the announcement of the location, “With all of the setbacks that this year gave PTA and social committee, I think they pulled it together to make a great experience for everyone who went to prom. I really enjoyed the dance and I know my group did as well.” Lindquist appreciated the efforts of putting together this as a great last event before her graduation.

Some good things about this year were that the kids were all so excited about Prom and we were happy to provide an event that so many were looking forward to. And we got to collaborate with the Spartan Assembly to form a whole week of activities for the students. Working with the SA kids and leaders was amazing and such a help and we hope to keep it going next year.

RAP was one element that became entirely different from past years. The PTA decided to rent out the Bettplex for a new and exciting after-prom. This had great reviews and left students with exciting memories. The Bettplex had more activities than past RAP events, and no one was bored. 

The Bettplex was constantly entertaining and a more agreeable option for RAP. In my sophomore year, the RAP consisted of bounce houses, poker tables, a snack bar, hypnotist, etc. More group activities like laser tag and bowling brought many classmates together. 

It was reminiscent of gym activities in elementary school where people of all groups joined together for the same goal. This was nostalgic for seniors in one of the final events at PV. 

This year was difficult for so many PV traditions, however, students, staff and supportive parents remained true to their promise for a fantastic prom. The events went on during treacherous weather and unprecedented circumstances and made lasting memories for all students who attended.