A guide to the Quad Cities’ haunted houses


Charlie Wollberg via Unsplash.com

Haunted housing has become one of the most popular fall activities featuring horrifying scares for adrenaline junkies.

Isa Burkhart, News Editor

As the fall season approaches and the weather begins to truly feel like fall, the opening of haunted houses for the halloween season is exciting to all scare enthusiasts. Grab your friends, tickets and fear as you get ready for a whirlwind of emotions in this October and November’s haunted houses. Here is a list of the Quad Cities’ favorite haunted houses for the 2021 halloween season. 

  • Skellington Manor
    • The classic 24-year-old Skellington Manor has been a favorite among haunted house enthusiasts. Featuring over 60 live actors, multiple floors, winding hallways and overwhelming darkness, Skellington Manor is on the top of the list of haunted houses you must visit. Safe for both older and younger audiences, the spooky attractions and jump scares are not to be missed this haunted house season. 
  • Haunted Carter Farms
    • If you’re looking for an outdoor haunted experience, Haunted Carter Farms is the place to go. Channel your inner Iowan as you wander through the scariest corn maze Iowa has to offer. If the outdoor experience is not for you, Haunted Carter Farms also features an indoor maze where disorienting lights, noises and actors meet a scary twist. 
  • Factory of Fear
    • After 27 years of perfecting their scary craft, Factory of Fear is certainly not short on its scare factor. Creepy masks, horrifying gore and over 40 rooms of scaring experience make up the Factory of Fear. The award-winning haunted house was voted into the top 10 haunted houses in Illinois and Iowa, and it is not one to miss this season!
  • Asylum of Mad Dreams
    • By reservation only, Asylum of Mad Dreams is not one for the light-hearted. Creating a personal experience with each victim, Asylum of Mad Dreams keeps you for 45 minutes of terror. If clowns and chainsaws are not your thing, steer clear of this house. But the terror does not end here; endure a rocky and thrilling bus ride as a part of your Asylum of Mad Dreams experience. 
  • Shock House
    • If you’re looking for a thriller type haunted house, Shock House is the one for you. Shock House describes itself as attacking your senses, and this is nothing short of the truth. Stalking, scaring and disorientation are to be expected within this terrifying manor!
  • Haunted Forest
    • Looking for another outdoor adventure? The Haunted Forest is the only Quad City haunted house featuring a scientific experiment gone wrong. Take a tour through the containment facility, and try not to get infected by the creatures lurking within the forest. You will be alone, scared and left in the woods! This physically daunting experience is only for the most committed haunted house enthusiasts. 

This haunted house season will not disappoint those looking for a terrifying and haunting scare experience. However, be careful, you never know what may be waiting for you.