Top seven mobile games


Kushi Maridu

Sophomore Folu Adekunle plays Clash Royale during Study Hall.

Kushi Maridu, Site manager

Mobile games are a fun way to relax after a long day of school. They are also enjoyable to play in school. Some are even so addictive that students play them during class, which often ends up with the teacher yelling at the student or, worse, the teacher taking their phone away. Here are some of the most popular mobile games at PV.

  1. Among Us

Among Us is a game where players can take on one of two roles in a spaceship: a Crewmate or an Imposter. A Crewmate completes all the tasks on the ship. An Imposter, on the other hand, sabotages the spaceship and kills crewmates. Once a Crewmate is spotted dead, everybody on the ship decides who killed the Crewmate. The main goal of the game is for either the Crewmates to vote out the Imposters, the Crewmates to finish the task, or for the Imposter to kill everyone. This game was very popular last year due to all of the memes surrounding it. The game has lost a lot of traction, but a fair amount of people still enjoy playing it. However, the legacy of Among Us is still felt today with people using terms such as “sus” and “imposter.”

  1. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO involves players collecting Pokemon to add to their collection. After catching Pokemon, they can evolve them or battle with them in Pokemon Gyms. However, there is a twist. The Pokemon appear as if they are in the player’s real-world location. That means the player needs to move around and travel to catch different Pokemon and go to Gyms. Some Pokemon only appear in certain places. Recently, the game has lost a lot of popularity as players started to say it was getting repetitive. Although this game is not as popular anymore, it has a steady fanbase at PV.

  1. 2048

Played on a 4-by-4 grid, 2048 is a game that requires a lot of planning. It has numbers on its grid that move by sliding. If two tiles of the same number collide, they will merge and form a number that equals their sum. After every turn, a new number pops in. The goal is to get to the highest possible number, which is 131,072. The game ends when either the player gets to 131,072 or all of the grid fills up. In the case that the grid fills up, you have to restart the game and try again. This game is highly addictive and very frustrating when you lose. If you sit in the back of the class, there is a good chance you will see a person playing it on their phone or chromebook. The game has managed to stay popular for a long time, and it’s only getting more popular as time goes on.

  1. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle arena game made by the popular game developer Supercell. Players get to pick one of over 50 unique characters, called Brawlers, and get to battle with them. There are multiple modes offered in this game. There’s Solo Showdown, which is a Battle Royale mode, where the players fight to be the last one remaining out of 10 players. Another popular mode is Brawl Ball. This is like a basic 3 versus 3 soccer match but with Brawlers that fight each other for the ball. This game is one of the most played games in our high school right now, and because of consistent updates, the game’s community keeps growing.

  1. Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is a football game simulator where you get to manage your own team. You can pick players from drafts, sell and buy players and play with them against other teams. At one point, you can even participate in the game’s Super Bowl. The game has appealed to most people due to its simplicity and its retro but realistic feel. Given that this game only recently came out, it’s played by virtually almost every mobile game player in our high school.

  1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategy-based video game, also made by Supercell. This game involves a player being the chief of a fantasy village and helping it grow. The player needs to collect resources by attacking and looting other people’s villages with their troops. Then, the player upgrades his village and trains more troops to make it stronger. The main reason that this game is popular is because it requires commitment and time. It takes a lot of time to upgrade your base and train troops, so having a good base shows you’re committed and have a lot of patience. It’s always fun when people compare their bases in Clash of Clans and talk about the pros and cons about it. Clash of Clans came out in 2012 and has been at the top of the charts since then. 

  1. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game, also made by Supercell. In this game, a player gets to make a deck of eight cards to attack their opponent’s towers and defend their own. These cards can consist of unique troops, buildings or spells. Players must tactically place the cards to minimize damage to their towers but maximize damage to their opponent’s towers. This game is also highly addictive and can be frustrating after a loss. Clash Royale came out in 2016 and has only gained popularity since. Almost every mobile gamer plays this game in our school, and they battle their friends to see who’s the champion Clash Royale player.