Boys Edition: Last minute Halloween costume ideas


Addison Hegland

A group of dinosaurs in a Halloween costume contest at the local Storm hockey game this Halloween season.

Isa Burkhart, Copy Editor

For many, it is a must to find the perfect costume this Halloween season. If these ideas don’t suffice, don’t feel excluded from the girls’ article, “Girls Edition: Last minute Halloween costume ideas.”  However, with Halloween rapidly approaching, let’s get started on those costume ideas.

  1. Star Wars
    1. Especially with the recent additions to the “Star Wars” movie series, there are many unique and fun costume ideas to take on yourself or with a group of friends. Lead the Halloween scene as stormtroopers with your friends, or star solo as Luke Skywalker or his enemy, Darth Vadar. 
  2. Superhero
    1. Although it has been done before, nothing should stop you from being any of the endless superheroes Marvel and DC have created. Wear Deadpool’s iconic mask or Superman’s recognizable suit to make your costume complete. 
  3. TV
    1. “The Office”, “Friends”, “Naruto” or “Game of Thrones” are just a few ideas for TV shows full of costume ideas. This gives the perfect picture of what to wear for Halloween; just recreate your character! If anime is your thing, get together with your friends to bring an entire anime-themed group costume together. Make sure to match it with the right accessories to complete your look. 
  4. Throwback
    1. If you’re really stumped on costume ideas, create a nostalgic picture by recreating an old Halloween costume from your childhood. Hit the scrapbooks and find a picture to recreate with your now grown-up self. This is sure to be a tearjerker for the family.
  5. Video Game
    1. An easy and fun idea for Halloween is to take on any video game character of your choice. Similar to picking a TV show character, this costume may be even easier to find for a quick buy. “Call of Duty”, “Super Mario Bros” and even “Madden NFL” all create costumes that are super easy to find. 

With the endless possibilities for Halloween costumes to match your own individual personality, hopefully these ideas sparked your imagination. Head to Amazon, Target, the Goodwill and even your own closet to search for that perfect costume. If you’re shopping online, don’t forget to expedite that shipping!