Top five websites college students should know about


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A college searches the web for a good site.

Brady Hunter, Multimedia Manager

Navigating life independently for the first time at college can be overwhelming. When it comes to cooking meals and staying on top of laundry and classwork, oftentimes students lean on the Internet for frequently asked questions, food discounts and personal advice. This listicle will highlight the top five websites that college students should be aware of. 

      1. Slack

Tailoring to a multi-application platform, Slack integrates dropbox into their software to make communication and teamwork more efficient. Not only does this website help students stay on top of their group work, but it is a great way for business students to network and reach out to peers and professors via chat rooms, direct message, and group calls. Slack integrates both near software features and an easy to use interface for mobile application users. 

      2. Rate My Professors

One of the most convenient websites provided for college students around the world is Going into a college level course with a blind eye is not the way to go if your goal is to succeed. Rate My Professor allows college students to write reviews about specific courses and professors that would be beneficial to future students. Gaining knowledge of the college curriculum and course load of certain professors can and will help students take a more proactive approach to their study habits. 

      3. Glass Door

Internships and jobs are vital for college students post-graduation. Glass Door is a company that provides job opportunities, salaries, job descriptions and many more aspects of occupations for any wandering mind looking for money. Glass Door’s website is known to “spill the beans” about corporate America, the business world and large firm progression. Having this tool at their disposal, college students around the world can benefit from the swarm of information in regards to job and internship opportunities following school. 

      4. Student Rate

Student Rate is a great website to find good deals on travel, food, technology and many other sectors of commercial consumer products. We all know how expensive college is, but with this expense comes some extremely great deals that students often miss. From textbooks to laptops to burritos at Pancheros, Student Rate does a great job advertising its rates and discounts. Not only does this site offer a plethora of deals, but it is extremely easy to access and redeem gift certificates/coupons at varying locations. 

      5. Mint

Personally, I have tinkered with Mint as a high school student and understand its nooks and crannies. This website allows students to gain financial knowledge and help with budgeting while going through college. Making a budget can be tedious and scary, but Mint breaks it down in a simple manner for users. Their slogan is “It is easy to understand what is going on with your money”, and this motto is true to every college student in the market. Starting to budget, save and invest money at an early age will help students become financially independent and grow their personal assets.

This list of useful websites for college students is applicable and extensive. There is a handful of effective sites and applications for students to use, but these five are demographically diverse, efficient and at the disposal of any Internet user today.