The best platforms to keep track of media consumption on


Molly Rawat

PV senior and film-lover Ethan Kilcoin browses Letterboxd, his favorite platform to log movies on.

Molly Rawat, Feature Editor

In an ever-growing Information Age, people can feel overwhelmed keeping track of their lives. Luckily, there are several platforms to log media consumption on, whether that be books, movies, music and more. 

Perhaps the biggest service to log all-things music related, comes with many unique features that will bring anyone’s listening to the next level. One can connect almost any music streaming application to their account, and from there it will scrobble songs. With this information, can give them recommended artists, a list of their top albums and artists, their listening history and much more without any effort from the user’s side. 


Though some of the user-experience aspects feel outdated, Goodreads has a homey and simple look and use to it that has made it book lovers’ favorite platform to log everything they read on. The classic application that has been used for years has millions of ratings and reviews which can help users choose a book they will truly enjoy. As users log books, they receive recommendations according to their preferences, come closer to reaching their planned reading goals and are provided statistics of their reading. 

The Storygraph 

Although Goodreads gets the job done, The Storygraph is a newer platform those who enjoy reading can record their progress on. Similarly to Goodreads, users can set reading goals, receive recommendations tailored to their preferences and are provided with statistics. The service tells users detailed information about books’ genres, pacing, length, mood and more. 

Every film buff swears by this platform for logging information about their movie-watching. Users can review, rate and categorize films. Reviews, ratings and lists left by other members aides in finding a new favorite movie. Filters make it easier for users to find films under different genres, countries and languages. 

All of these platforms give users the ability to follow friends and gain followers. The social aspect of these services make the process of logging media consumption fun and exploratory.