Award season top 5 best dressed


Screenshot from Instagram

A picture from Doja Cat’s Instagram in her look from the 2022 Grammys.

Natalie Richmiller, Photo Manager

The awards season is notorious for celebrities to wear their most extravagant looks which often causes controversy as fans either love them or hate them. Red carpet fashion has changed greatly over the years and has given designers more freedom to explore unique styles. This year, the Oscars and Grammys featured celebrities who killed the carpet. 

  1. Doja Cat

Doja Cat takes the top spot for best dressed. Her hair, makeup and outfit were stunning. She was seen in a form-fitting, light blue bodysuit with a matching sheer, floor-length dress overtop. It was paired with light blue chunky heels and diamond jewelry accessories. Her hair was in a half-up-half-down, 90’s-inspired hairstyle with a short bang and spiked pieces in the back. Doja Cat had a flawless makeup look with a purple/pink eyeshadow look and a pop of silver on her eyelid. The look came together perfectly and suited her style well, making her the best dressed for the award season. 

  1. Timothée Chalamet 

Men are known for having the most basic, boring looks at award shows because many opt for some variation of a typical black tux. Although Chalamet was wearing an all-black look, it was different enough that it made him one of the best dressed. He was styled in black slacks with a sparkly black jacket. The edges of the jacket were sheer with lace detailing, and the lapels were solid black, providing a nice contrast. His shoes were shiny black, ankle boots and to tie it all together, he wore a variety of diamond rings and two silver chains, one with a pendant that had diamond details. Chalamet’s look was new and refreshing, especially for a man at the Oscars.  

  1. Zendaya

Zendaya is known for having some of the best red carpet looks. This year’s look was not her most extravagant, but it was still beautiful. She was seen in a white, cropped, three-quarter length sleeve button-down shirt paired with a sparkly, silver maxi skirt with a train. To let the outfit shine, she went with a messy updo and a simple serpent diamond necklace. Her forearms were stacked with multiple Bulgari Serpenti viper bracelets that brought everything together. Zendaya looked modern and youthful but also sophisticated and elegant. 

  1. Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo looked incredible at the Grammys this year. She was seen in a skin-tight black gown that featured purple detailing that fit her perfectly. The details gave the dress a neon-like feel that made it stand out. She also had on black gloves that went up over her forearms. For accessories, she had on a thick black choker and a thin purple necklace to match the dress. Her hair was in sleek, smooth curls and her makeup was natural with a bright pink lip. Rodrigo is still new to the red carpet fashion, but this was her best look yet.

  1. Beyoncé

Beyonce is an icon of the red carpet, and this year was no different. She wore a spectacular yellow strapless gown with a matching cape-like train and gloves; the dress accentuated her body extremely well. Her hair was in a slicked-back low ponytail with voluminous curls. The classic hair allowed for the focus to remain on the dress. Beyonce also kept the makeup simple with a nude look and accessorized with large, dangling diamond earrings. This look was made for her, and she looked gorgeous in it. 

The Oscars and Grammys are two of the most anticipated events of the year and are most notorious for their fashion. This year, celebrities were seen in a variety of looks, styled by different world-renown designers, that stunned many. These five looks were the most notable and well done but many other celebrities looked great walking down the Red Carpet this awards season.