YouTube family gone political: The LaBrants most recent controversy 


Screenshot from YouTube

The popular youtube channel, The LaBrant Fam, with over 13 million subscribers recently posted a controversial documentary about abortion.

Ava Hahn, PV Only Editor

The LaBrant family has been a sensation on YouTube for years. They have obtained an audience of millions 10 to 18 year olds. Their normal content includes challenges and lifestyle vlogs with their children. However, their most recent video went against the normal family-friendly content their fan base expects.

The LaBrant family youtube channel posted a 40-minute documentary covering their pro-life views on abortion. This video was shared with their 13.1 million subscribers, many of whom are children.

Within these 40 minutes, the LaBrant family turned themselves into a target among viewers. Their documentary started off by comparing abortion to the Holocaust, claiming it to be “the most deadly killer in the world.” This invalidation of a mass genocide was beyond insensitive, and many took offense. 

The LaBrant family did not want to distinguish their views as “pro-choice” or “pro-life;” instead, they claimed to be “pro-love,” a term they came up with to describe their desire to create love between a mother and a child, not more hate. Although in theory this was an attempt at not further dividing viewers, it came of as more of a pro-life rant than anything. 

Junior Siena Roethler, has been a viewer of the LaBrant family for years, but their latest video took her by surprise,  “I am still a supporter of the LaBrant family, and I really enjoy most of the content they put out,” Roethler said. “The abortion documentary seemed really uncalled for, and far from the content of their normal videos.”

A lot of the family’s content has been appropriately targeted at their younger audience, especially on YouTube. The LaBrant family has been in previous scandals over their political views after taking to platforms such as Twitter to share their beliefs. 

Junior Reagan Glaus, was also a viewer of the LaBrant family’s YouTube channel. “The documentary really shocked me coming from a family channel,” Glaus said. “Their fan base is mainly younger people, and this is not the content they signed up for from a family-friendly channel.”

Most viewers were rightfully surprised and upset by the documentary put out by the family. YouTube demonetized the video and removed it from the algorithm, making it much less accessible.  Instagram also stepped in and removed the families post about it on their account with over 10 million followers.

The internet is a place where freedom of speech is encouraged, and having an audience of millions, like the LaBrant family, is a privilege. The documentary they shared with their supporters was insensitive and inappropriate, and the backlash they received reflects this.