Beast Philanthropy is more than clickbait


Aaron Doucett via Unsplash

Sorting and distributing goods at a food pantry.

Ryan Vance, Business Manager

YouTube has become a real job opportunity that can help creators live their dream lives. One successful YouTuber is using his earned money to make a difference in the lives of others.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as Mr. Beast, is the creator of one of the most followed channels on all of YouTube. Mr. Beast is famous for spending big money to create viral videos. He often gives away large sums of money to winners of simple and sometimes pointless games. 

One of the most followed YouTubers on the entire platform does not keep a majority of his money himself. Recently, Donaldson started a YouTube channel where he can try to make the world a better place: Beast Philanthropy. On the channel he has donated millions of dollars to charity.

In his most recent video titled, “Anything You Can Fit In The Circle I’ll Donate To Charity,” Donaldson donated to five different charities. The point of this particular video was for leaders of different charities to donate money and goods to their charities. 

Donaldson commented that the reason they are gamifying charity is because it will cause more people to click on the video. The more views that a YouTube video has, the more money it generates, which means he has more money to give back to charity. 

Donaldson explained in July of 2021 that 100% of the earnings from the Beast Philanthropy YouTube channel will go to his charity by the same name. Beast Philanthropy is Donaldson’s charity that is dedicated to combating food insecurity and ending world hunger.

The top of a homepage provides a link to learn about the crisis in Ukraine, but it was made specifically for trying to help end world hunger. So far, the charity has donated around 1.5 million pounds of food to those in need. 

Currently, Beast Philanthropy serves food to six different geographical communities in Eastern North Carolina, but the goal is to spread internationally in the future. The organization also assists with disaster relief in Georgia and Louisiana.

“I want to feed millions of people on a monthly basis,” Donaldson told the Associated Press in a 2021 article. “I’m not stopping. I’m 23. I’ve got decades left in me and we’re not going anywhere.” Helping people is Donaldson’s passion and life goal.

Donaldson has the ability to change the world, not just through his organization, but through his YouTube videos as well. His generous tendencies are followed by millions, and may be the inspiration viewers need to spread the love in their own communities.