Bursting at the seams

The rapid growth of PV schools


Oskar Barudin

Crowding issues present themselves at Pleasant Valley High School starting in the cafeteria

Oskar Barudin, Business Manager

With the kickoff of a new school year, the crowding issue at PV is more apparent than ever.  From long lines in the cafeteria to crowded tables, the overwhelming amount of students at Pleasant Valley imposes change in the future of the school district. 

In recent years, PV has had to make changes to accommodate the growth in its student body—from expanding the parking lots to building a new segment of the school itself. PV has taken necessary action in the past in order to accommodate for its rapid influx of students. They have purchased and created an additional 350 parking spots as well as an increase in classrooms.

It is expected that within the next ten years, there will be an increase in the number of students by approximately 300, or 20-30 students per year. 

Although growth is generally perceived as a positive, this type of growth is not sustainable for PV. The school is already dealing with this issue by encouraging siblings to share lockers, as well as looking ahead at years to come to try and find the best solution to this growing problem.

High school principal Darren Erickson has foreseen this matter for years. “Right now the junior high is at the top of the list for expansion,” he said. “The high school expansion is slated to start in 2024 and will include more classrooms and parking.”

Erickson and PV have avoided splitting the student body into two different high schools to keep the school “together as a family.”

Senior Carter Spangler agrees with Erickson’s notion of keeping the student body together under one high school. “It would be a very hard time for me not playing with my teammates I’ve grown up playing with,” he stated. “I would be split up from my best friends and school would not be the same without them.”

As Pleasant Valley continues to expand, the district has been forced to play catch up. The challenges presented by parking, crowded halls and classroom shortages are bound to only worsen as the district continues to grow. Although an expansion is not yet confirmed, changes can be expected in the future of PV.