Trendsetting and supporting businesses: Social media has a role in everyone’s lives


Sam Brown

Aaron Ingram, Drake Hanson, Cael Stewart, and Sam Brown prior to watching Minions: The Rise of Gru

Oskar Barudin, Business Manager

Social media is undeniably one of the most influential forces in people’s lives. From fashion to sports and everything in between, it has an inconspicuous control over those who frequently use it. 

Social platforms can bring people together and inspire trends by appealing to many viewers at once.

Over the summer, “Minions: Rise of Gru” was released and became the trend of the summer, despite being a children’s movie. Media and publicity surrounding the film caused it to gross $125 million, setting a record for the July 4 weekend. 

The movie’s record-breaking success can be credited to a trend on social platforms, predominantly TikTok. In the trend, groups of movie-goers dress in high fashion to view the “Minions” movie and subsequently post their experiences on social media.

Rapper Yeat’s release of the song “Rich Minion” was another marketing strategy that contributed to the trend’s success. TikTok influencers participating in the trend known as Gentleminions, would layer the song over their videos to display their participation in the trend. 

The “Gentleminion” trend depicts irony since those that participated in the trend were not even part of the movie’s target audience.

This trend took root at PVHS as well. Senior Drake Hanson participated in this trend over the summer with his friends despite not fitting in with the movie’s target audience. Hanson was more interested in partaking in the trend than viewing the movie itself. “We thought the trend was hilarious,” he stated “so we got dripped out and saw the movie.”

Not only does social media influence viral trends in the form of irony, but it can bring attention to topics that would otherwise not get recognition. 

Small businesses can benefit from social media by being able to advertise their products to their followers in an entertaining way. Social media allows businesses to display their products and create an environment that caters to their primary audience. 

The Shop uses social media as a form of advertising and community engagement with customers. Co-owner Kate Dreyer noted, “[I can run] daily advertisements that help us show new products,” she stated.

In the future, it can be expected that other movies and companies will follow suit and build a “gentleminion” trend of their own.

As social media has become the mainstream source of communication, users can partake in trends, as well as benefit from platforms. Social media will continue to serve as a means of staying connected as well as present opportunities to its users.