Gen z fashion


Caity Burke

Unique and exciting ways of fashion are often influenced by popular social media users on platforms such as instagram and tiktok.

Caity Burke, Social Media Manager

Gen Z’s derivation from the traditional and conservative approach to fashion has sparked  a change. Gen Z’s fashion has become much more varied, striking and curated. 

Outdated fashion trends consist of full coverage and modesty. With fashion evolving, millenials and boomers are unsure of how to react. Teenagers are leaving their mark on the worlds of fashion as they experiment with clothing without the restriction of gender. They challenge the norm of dress-codes pushing the idea that attire shouldn’t be censored in terms of settings. What they once knew about fashion in their young years has contrasted  from teenagers of today.

Spunky piercings, tiny crop tops, bold tattoos and heavy makeup are all hallmarks of today’s fashion. New styles and subcultures have been heavily influenced by platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Fashion brands are creating funky and unique clothing, automatically grabbing the eager eyes of Gen-Z. This adventurous and excited generation cannot hold back from the creative fashion statements that are bound to be made with these new articles of clothing. 

To teenagers today, clothes are much more than a simple outfit—but rather, a form of self expression.  Fashion sense or style is a reflection of the individual possessing it. Senior Josie Kaffenberger believes that fashion is a big factor of personality, “Everyone has their own sense of style. Fashion increases individuality and it allows them to express their love for their wardrobes. Those who love fashion use it as a way to feel good about themselves and how they look,” she said. 

With all kinds of new ‘style cores’, which expand on certain genres of style that have been introduced by social media, the possibilities are endless. Anyone can be who they want to be.  

With fashion evolving, older generations have been left in shock. Members of previous generations often have trouble accepting Gen Z fashion, perceived by them as too mature. Certain styles of fashion—heavy jewelry, high heeled boots and short skirts—have been considered excessive for young teenagers. Leah Mendelin shared, “Gen-Z’s style is so unique because there isn’t one style considered ‘in’, we’re embracing self expression through this creative outlet. Sticking to traditional fashion would only limit this expression. I think it’s important people explore their own styles and move away from what’s traditional,” she stated. 

School administrations agree, as demonstrated through their enforcing of dress codes. Dress codes prohibits students from showing off too much or wearing what may be considered distracting to other students. Tops revealing shoulders, bulky jewelry and vulgar messages are all prohibited. Administrators want their students to appear clean and professional, which opposes the fashion that Gen-Z has created. Factors like school uniforms and dress codes are a way of maintaining order within schools, but are all detrimental  to students who use fashion as an outlet. 

With Gen-Z evolving, so is fashion. Bold style statements have become frowned upon by older generations, disapproving of teenagers and ways of self expression. Teenagers should be able to express themselves in whichever way they choose, as fashion is a form of art. Style is meant to uplift oneself, boosting confidence and spreading positivity. All styles and aesthetics are creative and exciting, expanding on fashionable outfits for all teenagers.