Top 5 Frank Ocean Songs


Luci Patel, Innovation Manager

1. “Pink + White” (Blonde 2016)

This heartfelt track is about mourning a lost relationship and how it shouldn’t take away from caring for yourself. The title is a tribute to a sunset drive that Frank Ocean took with a friend who has now passed, where the sunset was pink and white.  Though it can be interpreted many different ways, Pink + White tells the listeners to prioritize their own self love rather than getting wrapped up in their potential love for another.

2. “Self Control” (Blonde 2016)

Self Control features Frank Ocean describing a quickly deteriorating relationship. He addresses an ex who has already moved on from their relationship. Ocean believes that they were soulmates, but the timing of their relationship was off. Therefore, he sorrows over their lost love. 

3. “Ivy” (Blonde 2016)

Ivy is a song about reflecting on one’s past, specifically a romantic relationship. Ocean opens up about the mistakes he made in the relationship which led to it falling apart. While looking back at the relationship, he feels nostalgic about the parts he misses. 

4. “Pretty Sweet” (Blonde 2016)

Pretty Sweet deviates from Ocean’s typical ways of writing about relationships to focus on Ocean’s own personality. It paints him as self-destructive as he finds himself in the middle of it all. He is surrounded by death and heartbreak, but cannot find a way to fix himself to get out. He describes how he would much rather live in the shadows than thrive amid a disaster. 

5. “Close to You” (Blonde 2016)

Frank Ocean uses Close To You to further the themes told in his sophomore album Blonde. Though a rather short track, it tells the story of not necessarily regretting ending a relationship with someone. He continues to hold onto memories of his lover and it is these memories that keep them close.