Top 7 Disney Channel Shows


A collage of the top 7 Disney Chanel shows.

Katy Babcock, Copy Editor

Whether you’re in the thick of Junior year or coming home from elementary school, Disney Channel has something for everyone to watch. For the high school student, children’s shows may seem foolish. But, there is something to be said for the relaxation and nostalgia 2010s Disney Channel shows provide. After a hard day of AP classes, college prep, sports, and more, it can be a relief to watch something fun and simple. If you do engage in the occasional Disney detox, here is a list of the top seven Disney Channel shows (all on Disney+). 


Good luck Charlie 

Following the chaotic family of PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Bob, Amy, and baby Charlie, this show encapsulates the mayhem of a full house. With both parents working full time, it’s up to PJ and Teddy to wrangle their newborn sister and their reckless little brother. 



When Jessie left Texas for NYC she couldn’t wait to pursue acting, but a wealthy family of four kids drove a fork in her career path. Jessie finds herself the nanny to these wild kids. It’s up to get to be the parent they never had and teach them to be their best selves. 


Suite life of Zack and Cody

Twin brothers Zack and Cody are total opposites, but together they make for one wild pair. Living at the Tipton hotel, the boys are constantly causing trouble for the hotel manager, Mr. Mosbey. With Zack’s charisma and Cody’s smarts, there’s no fix the boys can’t get out of. 


Wizards of Waverly Place

As if a busy family wasn’t hectic enough, Wizards of Waverly Place adds an extra dose of absurditythey’re secretly wizards. Justin is a stickler for good behavior and constantly butts heads with his younger sister Alex who is the embodiment of trouble. The family struggles to balance their wizardry with everyday life.


Hannah Montana

Miley Stewart always wanted to be a rockstar. Her father’s success in the music industry inspired Miley to pursue a similar career. But she didn’t want to miss out on regular teenage life. She wanted the best of both worlds, her solution was to perform under the stage name Hannah Montana and keep her real identity secret. Miley has the daunting task of juggling high school with performing stadium tours. 

There’s also a Hannah Montana movie for those interested.


KC Undercover

KC is an above-average high school student. She excels in academics and sports, but overall, she’s a normal teenage girl. Then she discovers her parents are spies, and so is she. Similar to Hannah Montana, KC must keep her second life as a spy secret. KC goes back and forth between the classroom and dangerous missions. Most of all, KC is an empowering role model for young girls and is played by Emmy Award winning actress Zendaya.


ANT Farm

China is gifted in music, she sings and can play every instrument imaginable. Olive is a genius with a photographic memory. Fletcher is an artistic prodigy. Although they are mostly eleven-year-olds, the students attend high school. They participate in the Advanced Natural Talents (ANT) Farm program. Being significantly younger than their peers poses several challenges but the ANTs always find their way out.