REVIEW: “black panther: wakanda forever” is marvel’s latest hit


Marvel’s latest movie, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever released Friday, Nov. 11 and is screening at the Bettendorf Cinemark.

Daniel Zietlow, Sports Editor

Marvel released its newest addition to the Black Panther series with its blockbuster movie, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” The 160 minutes is packed with action and picks up  five years from the events of the first “Black Panther.” It follows the story of Shuri, the genius Wakandan Princess, and the Wakandan nation as they deal with the outside world after the death of King T’challa.

The film shares many of the same actors from the previous movie such as Danai Gurira as Okoye, Letitia Wright as Shuri, and Martin Freeman as Everett Ross. One actor that was not in the film is Chadwick Boseman. The star of the original Black Panther movie unfortunately passed away Aug. 28, 2020, as Boseman lost his battle against colon cancer.

The movie follows the death of King T’Challa and how his family and kingdom are impacted by it. “It was a little odd. They didn’t explain exactly what killed him, just that he’s dead now,” said Andrew Miller, a senior at Pleasant Valley. The producers could have done a little better job explaining his death in the movie and in relation to the greater MCU. 

The main conflict in the movie is Wakanda’s lack of protection without anyone to hold the mantle of the Black Panther, Wakanda’s guardian. In the previous movie, the antagonist Killmonger burned all of the Heart Shaped Herbs, the flower that gives a person the power of the Black Panther. In this movie, the Wakandans come up with a unique solution to work around the fact there is no more plants.

Senior Ian Meade also watched this recent premiere. “I believe that the heart shaped herb

The antagonists in the movie create a challenging situation for the Wakandans. The once-hidden community is introduced into the world after a Vibranium detection machine is being used to search the ocean. Vibranium is a precious metal that is unbreakable and was supposedly only found in Wakanda. The new underwater society is hoping to befriend the Wakandans, but after their true intentions become clear, Shuri and the rest of Wakanda turn against them. 

“I definitely didn’t expect the new bad guy in the movie. They seemed to be on our[Wakanda] side but they weren’t who they seemed,” said Meade. The leader of the antagonists, Namor was the first born of this new civilization and leads his people in an attempt to conquer the world. The Wakandans luckily step in and save the world discreetly.

Marvel has once again created a major superhero movie. The movie’s visuals and sound track help show off the excellent production of the movie. With the ending giving viewers a glimpse into the future of the MCU, Marvel can take the further of the Black Panther series in new and exciting ways.