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For most Pleasant Valley seniors, college is right around the corner. Despite efforts from the high school to create a smooth transition for students through a class called Career College Readiness Seminar, many seem to show indifference towards the material. Is it time for students to start taking college applications more seriously?

The Next Steps

December 2, 2022

Are you making the right decision?

Overloads of mail sent to seniors as college decisons approach

Kira McAuliffe

Overloads of mail sent to seniors as college decisons approach

Stressing about picking what college will be best for you? This is a feeling shared by many seniors in the midst of college applications.

There are many factors that go into choosing a college and knowing if it’s the best fit for you: location, money, majors and peers. all go into making the big decision that dictates one’s life for the next couple of years. 

Picking which colleges to apply to is a universally stressful experience,especially now.With the rising cost of application fees and sending in test scores, many students are left worried about making the best decision for themselves. 

In many cases, family plays a big role in where the student may end up. Depending on whether or not the student has help paying for college, the parents may have more of a say in the cost of college. 

Location is another major factor. Do you want to move far away, maybe even across the country? Do you want to stay close to home and commute everyday, or do you want to be a couple hours away? These are questions seniors considering options for postsecondary are faced with. 

Although you want to make sure that the location and cost is going to fit what you want and need, finding a college that suits your  major is the most important. Although this fact is often glossed over, the whole reason you go into college is to specialize in one specific area to provide better job opportunities in that field. Going to a college like a community college to get your gen-eds done and then transferring to a university for higher education is also an option than many students do to save money. 

Graduate Erin Teague had troubles deciding the next step in her career just last year. As her senior year was coming to an end, she  found herself facing many tough decisions: Would she go to a 4-year university, would she go to community college, how far will she be from home?

Upon talking to her family and also finding out that many colleges didn’t offer her major: family and consumer science teacher, she decided upon community college for two years to complete her gen-ed credits and then transfer to a four-year program at Iowa State University to finish her education. 

“Picking a college is stressful, how do I know that this is what is best for my future? I definitely had a hard time picking what colleges I should apply to but after talking to family and school counselors, I felt that I had the help I needed to decide what would be best for my future,” Teague stated. 

Not only is trying to make a decision based on what is best for you difficult, it is even more difficult when you are uncertain about your future career. 

Everyone has such high expectations for you once you hit senior year. You’re supposed to have your entire life planned out at only the age of 17 or 18. What if you haven’t decided what you want to major in or which path to take in life? 

Should you spend thousands of dollars a year to attend college for something you are unsure of? 

College is not the best fit for everyone, but it may seem as it gets pushed heavily onto most. Senior Hayden Evans is facing the difficult decision now of deciding where she should attend and what she should major in. Should she go to a college to continue her athletics or should she attend a college and focus on a career?

Unsure of exactly what she wants to pursue, Evans is exploring all of her options. “I am talking to coaches from different colleges about offers to join the tennis team as well as looking at more common four-year universities to get a broader general education,” she stated. 

There are many choices to make when picking a college and some will be easier than others. Athletics, majors of study, money and location are all major  factors that play into seniors’ decisions on what they want to do with the next couple of years. 

Despite the pressure that comes along with college, Teague reminds stressed seniors that “It may seem like a big decision now but there is always room for change. If you’re not happy with what you decided in the beginning, there are plenty of other jobs and colleges that may be a better fit for you.” 

As deadlines approach, stress rises within seniors trying to make the best decision for themselves. With all the right resources, students will be able to better their careers and lifestyles for them. 

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Spartan nation’s pride is stronger than ever with new social media account


Jake Wilsted

Shown above is a post made by our very own @PVcommitted2tomorrow Instagram account. This post features Sophie Malmen, sharing with other Spartans her plans for postsecondary education. Displaying the accomplishments made by PV seniors emphasizes Spartan Nations pride and excellence.

Staying connected with other students throughout their high school years is a priority for many. Being in the loop and hearing the recent plans for fellow students allows for a strong relationship throughout a class, allowing for stronger bonds to be built. With a new social media account, the Spartan Nation makes this a possibility. 

Pleasant Valley has begun to publish pride in students’ accomplishments on the new Instagram account run by the Spartan Shield, with the handle @pvcommitted2tomorrow

The purpose of the new platform is to share PV seniors’ plans for post-secondary education. Those who will be graduating this spring simply upload a senior photo, the school to which they’ve committed to and their intended major. Some seniors at PV who already announced their commitments to the account are Olivia Rogers, Kensie and Maddie Staats and Sophie Malmen with plenty more to come. 

Committed to Tomorrow gives seniors an opportunity to show off their achievements and express the honor they have reached. This is beneficial for all students as other seniors and underclassmen who still question their plans after graduation know who to reach out to regarding information on the selected university or major. This way, students aren’t blind throughout their applications and are provided with guidance in discovering what areas of study they may choose to pursue. 

Every single post lies in the hands of PV senior, Jake Wilsted, who takes pride in the Instagram account, “The Shields account, @pvcommitted2tomorrow, provides a great outlet for seniors to express their plans after being a Spartan. The application process, and understanding what you want for yourself is a big decision to be made, and all seniors should be proud to share their future with the rest of our school,” he shared. With the growing population of Pleasant Valley, staying connected on social media makes perfect sense. 

Maureen Dyer, the head of the entire Spartan Shield finds the account to be very beneficial and exciting for our school, “PV has grown so much so quickly. The Committed to Tomorrow project was our attempt to address that by making students feel more connected to each other. Students are genuinely interested in their peers’ future plans and should be incredibly proud of their own. This project is a means to showcase those plans with pride.” she shared. The future for Pleasant Valley is bright with the new advancements being made, along with building connections among students. 

The Spartan Shield is constantly on top of the game when it comes to social media. With the diversity and the growing population of PV, the name PV Committed to Tomorrow shares the truth. The Spartan Nation holds pride in the accomplishments of its students, and with this new social media account, Pleasant Valley can ensure that the future is bright. 

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