Top 7 Griddy Dances in the NFL


All-Pro Reels

Justin Jefferson warming up before facing the Washington Commanders. Jefferson is considered the “King” of the Griddy.

Oskar Barudin, News Editor

Every football player is focused on one thing on the field. For the offense, it is the ball finding the endzone, but for the defense, it is the opposite, keeping the ball out. With this as the main goal for the offense, scoring is very important, and most scores call for celebration. Recently, the famed Griddy has become the go-to celebration when players find the endzone. These are the top seven Griddy’s in the NFL.

  1. Mike Gesicki

Gesicki is a tight end for the Miami Dolphins. He attended college at Penn State University. There, he had the most receptions in school history. He debuted his first Griddy after scoring a touchdown in week two while playing the Buffalo Bills. The sports world blew up by insulting his form, but he has secured the number seven spot on this list.

  1. Mac Jones

Jones attended the University of Alabama and is currently a quarterback for the New England Patriots. At Alabama, Jones led his team to a national championship win. Jones made the pro bowl as a rookie, a fun game near the end of the season, and scored while doing the Griddy for the AFC team.

  1. Adam Thielen

He is a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings and attended college at Minnesota State. Thielen signed with the Vikings as a free agent in 2013. Thielen is teammates with another player on this list, Justin Jefferson, and a touchdown by one of them can ensure the Griddy. The more the merrier for the Vikings.

  1. Tyreek Hill (The Cheetah)

Nicknamed The Cheetah, one of the fastest players in the league is Tyreek Hill. Hill played college football at three colleges-Garden City Community College, Oklahoma State, and West Alabama. Through week 12, Hill has led the NFL for receiving yards and frequently finds himself in the endzone. Though he does not celebrate with the Griddy each time, when he does, it is a sight to see.

  1. Odell Beckham Junior

The first of the next three who went to Louisiana State University is Odell Beckham Junior. Beckham was drafted in the first round of the 2014 draft to the New York Giants. He has also played for the Cleveland Browns and won the super bowl with the Los Angeles Rams. There is a consensus that Beckham had the best football catch of all time, and though the Griddy was not around then, it would have been a great time for it.

  1. Ja’marr Chase

He attended Louisiana State University. There, he won a national championship with the number one spot on this list. Chase was drafted fifth overall in the 2021 NFL draft, and he and the Cincinnati Bengals made the super bowl in his rookie season. 

  1. Justin Jefferson

He attended Louisiana State University and won the national championship with his teammate, Ja’marr Chase. He was drafted in 2020 in the first round of the draft by the Minnesota Vikings. With Minnesota, Jefferson has 23 career touchdowns in the NFL, and when he finds the endzone, a Griddy is sure to follow. Jefferson gets all of his teammates involved in the celebration, including Adam Thielen, and has paved the way for celebrations. Many believe that he created the dance, and he has certainly sparked a new generation of celebration.