REVIEW: “My Policeman”

Promotional poster for My Policeman, on Prime Video. Photo credit to Amazon Studios.

Promotional poster for “My Policeman,” on Prime Video. Photo credit to Amazon Studios.

Luci Patel, Innovation Manager

The highly anticipated film, “My Policeman,” had a theatrical release on Oct. 21, 2022, and a digital release on Amazon Prime on Nov. 4, 2022. This heart-wrenching melodrama follows the love triangle of three characters: Tom, Patrick and Marion.

These three characters’ stories happen through flashbacks throughout the movie. They are all initially shown as retirees that reside in an English seaside town. Marion and Tom are married, and Patrick is sent to live with them due to being ill. 

This living dynamic lets long-lost memories of Patrick and Tom’s past romantic relationship reemerge. The flashbacks first start as Marion falls in love with Tom, a young police officer. However, later in their relationship, Tom starts a romance with Patrick, a museum curator. When Marion finds this out, Marion and Tom’s marriage starts to become rocky. During the 1950s, queer relationships were outcasted. All three of them had to keep Patrick and Tom’s romance private while also navigating their love triangle.

The leads of the film, Marion played by Emma Corrin, Tom played by Harry Styles and Patrick played by David Dawson, were perfect picks. The lead cast evoked a lot of emotion in their acting which radiated the passion and sorrow onto viewers. The cinematography also adds a lot to the film. The warm color tones, yellows and golds, and locations that scenes were shot in, Italy and England, were well done. 

Junior Emma Miller recently watched the film. “I had never seen a movie that starred Harry Styles until ‘My Policeman.’ His performance definitely exceeded my expectations. Overall, I highly recommend people to watch this movie as the cinematography is one of the key components in what makes My Policeman special,” Miller stated.

My Policeman is one of the only movies Harry Styles has starred in as a new actor. Many people were skeptical of Styles’ acting abilities after watching “Don’t Worry Darling” (2022). However, Styles proved to be a much stronger actor playing Tom. His acting left many viewers very emotional in the theaters. 

Freshman Satya White also watched the film. “My Policeman left me speechless and very sad. As the story was laid out throughout, I went through many stages of emotion. I was happy, angry and sad all in a span of two hours. It is definitely a movie I won’t forget,” White said.

The ending of My Policeman left many viewers confused, melancholic and relieved all at the same time. The buildup of Tom and Patrick’s relationship ended in the last few scenes of the film as viewers got a clear conclusion. Tom and Marion’s complicated relationship was also defined more clearly at the end of the movie.

If viewers are looking for a movie that will put them on an emotional rollercoaster, they should definitely consider watching ‘My Policeman.”