The 2022-23 Bowling season is off to a great start


Luci Patel

The PVHS Bowling team practices twice a week at Bg River Bowling.

Luci Patel, Innovation Manager

The 2022-23 bowling season began at the beginning of Dec. 2022. The bowling team has had a great season so far with wins at many meets and many members of the team getting over 100 in their scores. Bowling can be seen as one of the less popular or unknown sports at PVHS, but it definitely deserves more recognition as it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

The varsity and junior varsity boys’ and girls’ teams practice together at Big River Bowling in Davenport twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:45 to 5:30. 

During practices, teammates get two tries each round to knock down all their pins. The more pins a player knocks over, the higher their score is.

Bowling is a lot harder than it seems. The team members must train their muscle memory to roll the ball correctly and aim directly at the pins. If the ball is rolled at a slightly faster or slower pace than needed or aimed at a different angle, the outcome will not be what the player wants. 

There are many techniques to receiving a perfect score. 

Junior Myra Webb is a member of the PVHS Bowling team. “I make sure to keep my arm and wrist straight when aiming to get a strike. The way you swing your arm changes is the key to getting a good or bad score,” stated Webb. 

The sport of bowling takes practice but is a sport that anyone can play.

The PVHS bowling team always welcomes new players. The friendly environment is one of the many reasons students have joined the team. 

Freshman Maisie Webb is a new member of the PVHS Bowling team. “This is my first year on the bowling team. I joined because my sister had joined the team last year and she enjoyed it. I think it is a great way to make friends and try something new,” Webb stated.

The team has recently competed at a meet in Dewitt and a home meet at Big River. Many teammates scored well at the meets and led the team to winning. 

If students want to make new friends and try a new sport, they should join PVHS’s Bowling team.