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Noah Streeter, pictured on farthest to the right, at an SAE chartering ceremony. Streeter received the award, “Order of the Phoenix” for his outstanding commitment, loyalty and service for the SAE fraternity.

Noah Streeter – Campus Capture

Iowa State University of Science and Technology (ISU) is located in Ames, Iowa, 15 minutes north of Des Moines. ISU is the largest university in the state of Iowa, and its engineering school is ranked #48 in the nation. The ISU campus is one of sixty in the state of Iowa, but it is one of the few beautiful campuses in the state. 

Not only does Iowa State have the top graduation rate of 76%, but it also has the lowest transfer-out percentage among the three public universities in Iowa. This proves furthermore that Iowa State is the best public institution in Iowa and one of the best options for students considering post-secondary education. 

Some of the most popular degrees in Iowa State include: Engineering, Business, Management, Marketing, Agricultural/Animal/Plant/Veterinary Science, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Communication, Journalism and Computer and Information Sciences. 

One in four students at Iowa State University are currently enrolled in the College of Engineering at Iowa State. According to the Iowa State College of Engineering website, the average engineering student from ISU will make $71,966 post graduation. Of course, graduates’ salaries depend on the type of degree they graduate with. But, regardless, graduates have an extremely high chance of employment with an Iowa State University degree because of ISU’s high employment rate post graduation.

Former PV student and graduate Noah Streeter is graduating from ISU this year on May 13 with an environmental engineering degree. He is going to be working in Ames for Fox Engineering as a municipal engineer. 

Noah shared his experience attending ISU and on the campus. “Iowa State has a beautiful campus that keeps many people hammocking, playing sports outside, and generally closer together in the warmer months. In the winter, students like to sled down President Winterstein’s official house hill on campus and build snow sculptures,” he said. In the spring, the renowned campus is speckled with beautiful flowers and plants.

Social life at ISU also has its benefits. Streeter has been attending Iowa State since the fall of 2019 and throughout his 4 years, he has made many new friends. “Having friends to hang out with or work together is vital, and I spend time with mine frequently,” he commented. 

Many of Streeter’s friends came from the fraternity he founded at Iowa State, Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣΑΕ). “Through founding my chapter at Iowa State, [ΣΑΕ] gave me the opportunities to test my leadership, organization, friendship and scholarship skills. I made a few sacrifices along the way, but founding my chapter gave me skills I never thought I would have, along with lifelong friends who I built it alongside with,” he said. 

Although social life plays a significant role in the environment of college campuses, sports are undeniably an incredibly important part of life on campus. ISU’s men’s basketball team is currently ranked #6 in the Big 12. Iowa State’s football team had an upset this year after they defeated their rival, the Iowa Hawkeyes, 10-7

Throughout Streeter’s four years at ISU, he has been able to participate in the college sports realm. “Our fans remain loyal and proud of what it means to be a cyclone. If it’s any indicator, Hilton Colosseum [basketball arena] was just ranked 5th loudest in college auditoriums this year,” he said. “To say sports are as important as Iowa State is an understatement: we bleed cardinal and gold.”

It is safe to say that Iowa State University is certainly one of the best campuses in Iowa. ISU continues to prove its worth through the graduation rate and the amount of students making comfortable salaries post graduation. If you are considering colleges with outstanding academics, a thriving campus culture and not too far from home, look no further. Iowa State has what you need and will not let you down. 

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