Top Five Best Bollywood Rom-Coms


Sumika Thapa

Bollywood Rom-Coms bring a fresh perspective to the genre.

Sumika Thapa, Feature Editor

The film industry of Bollywood is known for its grandiose productions. From popular drama pieces like “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham ” to the action franchise “Dhoom,” masses are assured of entertaining times. Rom-Coms from this film industry are no different providing laughter, romance, and heart-touching stories. Here are the top five best romantic comedies from Bollywood. 

1.Hum Tum

Taking a desi spin on the opposites attract trope the plot of this movie is centered around easy-going Karan and sensible Riya. It begins on their plane ride to Amsterdam where all of his attempts of flirting with Riya are repeatedly shot down with her declaring that she wishes to never see him again. Fate has something entirely different planned for them and as they continue to have encounters with each other at different stages of life.    

2. 2 States 

Featuring main characters Krish and Ananya, the plot of the movie follows these characters as they journey through the ups and downs of a college romance while being from different parts of India. It develops their relationship in a realistic manner showing the strain caused by problems such as working jobs from different locations and disapproving parents while simultaneously presenting the joys of feeling understood and the giddiness of first love. 

3. Jab We Met 

Centered around the trope of sunshine meets grump, the story of this movie follows happy go-lucky Geet and frustrated Aditya as they both escape the worries of their everyday life by running away together. 

4. Mujhse Dosti Karoge 

If you are a fan of love triangles this is just the movie for you. Following the life of three childhood best friends a tale of love, loss, and acceptance unfolds on the big screen. 

5. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania 

The trope of he falls hard but she falls harder is enjoyed by many. Taking a desi twist to the plot the story follows the main characters as they navigate the ups and downs of miscommunication and playing hard to get.