Athlete of the week: Cody Snyder


Katie Morrissey, Staff Contributor

Pleasant Valley High school Athlete Cody Snyder, senior, has been involved in a wide variety of sports throughout his high school career. By far, Snyder’s favorite sport is track, and he has shown he will leave his mark here at Pleasant Valley.

Snyder has received a variety of awards in track throughout his high school career. During his freshman year, he was the freshman long jump MAC champion. With high expectations for his sophomore year, he continued to hold this title and was the sophomore long jump MAC champion.

Junior and senior year is where Snyder really excelled in his track career. Junior year, Snyder placed second in shot put and discus at MAC. Snyder’s senior year, he broke the school record for shot put and discus and was the MAC champion in discus.

Snyder said, “My goals for this year’s track season were to hold school records and to win MAC, districts, and state.” Snyder is still trying to achieve some of his goals for this year, but he has accomplished half of them.

Looking back on his track career, Snyder said, “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my coaches who pushed me so hard. It all started in the weight room and then on the field with Coach Sacco and Coach Brewer.”

Snyder explained how his teammates have been very supportive of him throughout his high school career. He will miss competing with his teammates and his coaches. Teammate Arthur Braden, junior, said, “Snyder is a great teammate, and the team will miss him next year.”
As Snyder is looking forward to the future, he plans on going to college for track. He is undecided on where he wants to go but has the choices of the University of Iowa, the University of Northern Iowa, and Grandview.