Morty! Morty! They brought it back!

Callum Revell, Copy Editor

I want that McNugget sauce, Morty!” cries Rick Sanchez, one of the two of the protagonists of Adult Swim’s popular cartoon “Rick and Morty.” It was these words that started an explosion on the internet.

“Rick and Morty,” created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, follows the misadventures of mad scientist Rick and his sidekick/grandson Morty. As proclaimed by Rick, his sole goal in life is to “get the Mulan McNugget sauce.” When the show’s internet followers learned this in the summer of 2017, they made it their goal to get McDonald’s to bring the teriyaki dipping sauce back. They succeeded – somewhat.

Later in the year, McDonald’s announced they’d be doing a one day deal where dine-in customers could receive the coveted sauce with an order of chicken tenders. On October 7, the sauce arrived and people lined up all over the country in front of the select few McDonald’s to obtain the heavily sought-after sauce. “It was crazy seeing all those people waiting outside for a sauce just because a TV show made it popular,” said senior Nathan McKay. “[The] bad thing is, those people ended up waiting for nothing.” McDonald’s had produced extremely inadequate amounts of the sauce based on the high demand and had distributed it even more sparsely, sparking an outrage amongst the show’s followers. The internet exploded with hashtags, one of the most popular being “#McFail.”

The next day, the frustrated fans were met with a reassuring tweet from the McDonald’s, mentioning the news that brought smiles to the faces of many: McDonald’s will be bringing back the sauce in the winter and “not for just one day.” Fans will be able to get it at any location for an extended period of time, which many fans believed should have been done all along.

With this news, fans rejoice at the fact they’ll be able to finally retrieve the highly coveted sauce. Pay attention to the news for updates on when and where you can join in on the sauce tasting fun.