Hunger Drive happenings

Hunger Drive happenings

Grace D'Antico, Staff Contributor

The Student Hunger Drive seeks to unite kids in a campaign to help feed local families in need. It’s empowering to realize that as students, we can help make a difference. The Hunger Drive at PVHS lasts until Wednesday, November 8, so you still have time to do your part. Gia Mariani, senior, donates because “there’s incentive from teachers to bring cans, but besides that it’s fun to get involved in the challenges and get competitive. I know that any money or cans I give are going to a great cause so it just encourages me because it’s an easy way to contribute to something good in the community.”

Many upcoming events benefit the Student Hunger Drive as well! Pancheros’ Food Night is on Wednesday, October 25 from 3-9 PM. On the night of Halloween, which is Tuesday, October 31, there is the opportunity to trick or treat for cans. Trick-or-treating is 5 to 7 PM in Bettendorf and 6 to 8 PM in LeClaire. Spartan Assembly and the Spartan Marching Band trick or treat for cans on Halloween. Your participation is greatly encouraged, so be sure to set a few cans aside.

On Wednesday, November 3rd, Spartan Assembly is hosting a Trivia Night to benefit the Student Hunger Drive. It goes from 7 to 9 PM and will be in the PVHS cafeteria. Students (or teachers!) can sign up individually or in teams of 4-6 outside Mrs. Dixon’s room. The price is $5 or 5 cans, which goes directly to the Hunger Drive. Diverse trivia categories include geography, sports, pop culture, and Who Said That? There will be prizes for the winning team as well as concessions sold at Trivia Night. Come one, come all!

According to Michael Miller, President & CEO of River Bend Foodbank, “One in five students in Quad Cities schools don’t have enough food. Imagine how hard it would be to pay attention in class when you don’t know when you’re going to eat next. In addition, the effort instills a sense of philanthropy at a formative age. I meet adults all the time whose first exposure to the hunger issue was through the Student Hunger Drive. That is a tremendous heritage in our community.” Every can you donate will help a local family in need.

Participate in the Hunger Drive to truly make a difference!