Big changes coming to PVHS


Emily Nutt, Copy Editor

Recently, the Pleasant Valley School Board approved plans for a $20 million build-out at Pleasant Valley High School. With one of the fastest-growing student populations in the entire state, PV faces a unique problem — a significant lack of space. Each year, the district makes improvements to its schools in order to combat the decreasing amount of room that comes with ever-increasing class sizes. This past summer, approximately one hundred parking spaces were added to the high school, and several of the school’s hallways are only a few years old. However, as some class sizes start to creep towards 400 students, these recent projects just aren’t enough.

“Right now, teachers at times get displaced from their classrooms,” Darren Erickson, Associate Principal, commented on the lack of learning space.

“We’re running in a facility that was designed for 800, and we’ve got over 1400 students,” Associate Principal, Michael Peakin added.  

The urgent need for a bigger school made this expensive decision a relatively easy one. The entire school board voted to pass the project with no opposition.

Pleasant Valley High School will look very different once these impressive renovations are completed around July 2018. The most noticeable change is a three-story tower that will be built on what is now the “senior parking lot.” The tower, along with adding extra space, will also enhance the school’s appearance. Tall glass windows will showcase three-stories-worth of stairs that can light up at night. “I think Bettendorf High School looks nicer on the outside,” PV senior, Anna Grace Molinari, admitted. After the renovations are complete, the Spartans will finally be able to add looks to the list of reasons why they are better than their cross-town rivals.  

“[The build-out] makes the school look much nicer and more like something to be proud of. Right now, the school really doesn’t scream, ‘Pleasant Valley,’ but I think with these additions and renovations it will say, ‘this looks like Pleasant Valley now,’” Peakin said.

Other features of the project include a new gym, a music room, storage, rehearsal space for dance and cheer teams, more classrooms, new administrative offices, and a student hangout with a coffee shop.

“[The renovations] are going to set us up to showcase events a little bit better,” Erickson concluded about his favorite parts of the construction plans.

To learn more about what is going to happen to student parking during the construction process, click here: