Graduation parties become more expensive by the year

Ellie Spelhaug, Sports Editor

In a nationwide survey, it was found that the average cost of throwing a graduation party is around $1000. Parents start working on their child’s grad parties months in advance and still are in a scramble days before the event.

“I am not having a graduation party because it is a lot of planning and it costs a lot of money which I could spend on other things,” senior Isabella Holland commented. “For example, I am going on a trip instead.”

Of course it is an honor for graduates and a celebration of everything they did, but the question comes up of how far is to far? Today parents spend hundreds of dollars buying decorations, silverware, finding venues, creating invitations and providing plenty of food and drinks.

Along with the graduate’s own party, there are several other parties to attend and gifts for those graduates as well. The amount of money being spent on graduation is gradually increasing as the expectation of parties rise.

“My family and I were super excited about planning my graduation party and inviting all of my friends and family,” senior Amaria Kirby stated. “But, we realized as our list of invitations grew larger it would be quite expensive to feed everyone.”

Some students choose to do a graduation party with a friend or a group of people. Although the venue may need to be bigger and more things provided, the costs will be split between everyone a part of the party.

“I know graduation parties can be very expensive nowadays because of the cost of decorations, food and venues,” Cami Hunter, a senior at Pleasant Valley said. “I have found that money can be saved by having your party with someone else and splitting the cost of things.”

As the years go by and more graduation parties approach, we are seeing more and more people trying to throw more extravagant parties and spending more money on items. Graduation is a very big accomplishment and should be celebrated, but there are ways to have a great party without as much stress or money spent.