Halloween costumes & DIYs for 2018

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Halloween costumes & DIYs for 2018

Ashlee Kwak, Social Media Manager

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The store walls are lined with costumes and candy corn, and everyone is buzzing about this year’s latest costume trends.These are all sure signs, it’s almost the best time of the year.

It’s never too early to start preparing Halloween costumes. Party City and Halloweencostumes.com already have their top trending Halloween costumes up on their websites. For this year, the most popular costumes are predicted to be from the Disney movie “Zombies” and the Disney movie “Incredibles 2”. Both of these movies were big hits this year, but a recent trend has teens wanting to stray from the basic, top rated costumes. There are plenty of costumes that people can create easily at home.

For the last minute party goer: You thought you had more time to pick a costume, but all of a sudden, it’s only one hour until the party and there’s still nothing to wear! A quick and cute costume idea could be to take some Minnie/Mickey Mouse ears from a sibling, throw on some red pants or skirt, a black shirt and paint some dots on your face and go as Minnie/Mickey Mouse!

For the somewhat prepared people: Do you love Mario Kart? Go as Mario or Luigi! There’s a very easy DIY that goes along with these costumes. Simply grab a red or green hat and draw an M or an L on a white circle of paper and stick it to the hat. Than, wear a red or green shirt, some jeans and you’re ready to go! Ruth Davidson’s little brothers went as Mario and Luigi one year for Halloween. Davidson stated, “We easily ordered the hats off of Amazon and used simple red and green t shirts we already had! It ended up looking so cute on them!” This costume idea is great for people of all ages.

For the all-out extravagant planner: If you have more time and like to plan out your halloween costumes, than be Sandy or Danny from “Grease”! For Sandy, you’d need a black, off the shoulder top, tight, black leather leggings and red heels. For Danny, all you’d need is some black jeans, a black t-shirt and lots of hair product.

For the sappy couples: You and your significant other are invited to a halloween party last minute, but have no idea what to wear! An adorable costume idea could be to go buy or borrow some scrubs, and be Derek and Meredith from “Grey’s Anatomy”! It’s very simple and wouldn’t take much time to put together.

For the happily single: Going to a party solo and need an easy, do at home costume? Be Waldo or Wanda from “Where’s Waldo?”.  All that’s needed for this costume is a red and white striped shirt, black-rimmed glasses and a red and white beanie. All of this put together will make for the best and easiest costume that will only take minutes to put together!

For the BFFLS: If you and your BFFs want an easy and creative costume for this year, grab a few different colored shirts and a sharpie and draw M&M logos on the shirts. Ava Kwak and her best friend did this DIY a couple of years ago. She said that she loved the idea because, “The costume took us about 10 minutes to put together and we got so many compliments!” It’s simple and if there’s extra time, find a pair of matching socks!