The irony of study hall


Haley Moore

Students working in the commons area during study hall.

Haley Moore, Video Editor

Study hall has become a rather ironic class at the the high school due to the lack of studying that goes on. More so, the lack of push for students to study during that time.

Study hall is a class in which students are to utilize their free time to complete homework or study for their classes. For many students, it has become rather impossible for them to focus on their work during this time, making them go to another room to study.

Many things go on during study hall that cause it to be a rather rowdy environment. Students playing music, playing board games, and having loud conversation are some of the many things that disrupt those trying to work. This is a much larger problem than people make it out to be. Those who are unable to get their work done in study hall must take it home and have a bigger homework load.

Senior, Trevor Glaum, describes how he deals with the loud noise in the commons area during study hall. He comments, “It’s challenging to be productive in the commons, therefore I always go to the library because it’s easier to concentrate.”

A solution to this is simple: study hall advisers need to require the room to be quiet so those who wish to study are able to. After all, it is called study hall. If this is too much to ask, perhaps there should be designated game or chat areas in the commons.

Sectioning off the noise would assist in lowering the noise level for those who wish to work. This would also allow those without homework to play games or talk among their peers as they wish.

For those like Glaum who prefer a quieter work area, this would allow them to be able to work in the commons. It should not be expected for those who want to get things done during study hall to move to a different room to be able to concentrate.

In order for this to occur, students and advisers must agree to a solution that will satisfy all students using the commons space during their study hall hour.