After the Masters


Photo taken by pocketwiley via wikapedia

Jack Nicklaus one of the greatest golf players of all time is seen at the Masters in 2006

Alyssa Paulson, Photo Manager

The Masters golf tournament took place last weekend and once again left the world captivated by the game of golf; 10.8 million people tuned in and watched. However there are four more major tournaments that people could and should watch.

Similar to any other sport, certain golf meets hold more importance than others. However, unlike other sports, golf has four major tournaments very similar in prestige. The curious thing is the  difference in viewership from the Masters to any other major tournament is roughly 6 million people.

In these four major tournaments, golfers from all over the world compete in multi-day tournaments at the most challenging golf courses in the world. Golf is a sport for all ages, making it a very relatable game. In sports such as basketball or football, it is often difficult to continue playing into adulthood, but golf is a lifetime sport to both play and watch.

Many times people fail to watch any of the other major tournaments, because they are simply unaware they are taking place. Many people enjoy the Masters tournament and would enjoy watching the other tournaments, too, if they knew when to tune in and watch.

Golf is more refined and sophisticated than most sports. It is interesting to watch because it is not a team sport, and while athletes want to win, they want their competitors to do their best as well. Professional golfers have to put in as much work as any other sport. However, since they do not have teammates, they have to hold themselves accountable. This means the athletes must put in extra work to be the best in the world at their sport.

The game of golf has as much of a mental component as a physical component. The golf professionals must remain calm under pressure which is interesting to watch, because every shot matters. While some athletes can keep their nerves under control, others cannot and this can affect the outcome of a tournament.

Overall golf has many fine details, making it an interesting sport to watch. I would like to encourage people to tune in and watch the other major tournaments this year.