School board names Darren Erickson as new PVHS principal


Photo taken by Trinty Malmen

Darren Erickson is announced as Pleasant Valley high school’s new principal.

Trinity Malmen, Staff Contributor

The Pleasant Valley School Board meeting announced its approval of the appointment of current associate principal, Darren Erickson, as Pleasant Valley High School principal for the 2019-2020 school year on Monday, May 13.

The position opened in the spring of 2019 when Mike Zimmer, the current principal, was appointed as the district’s Director of Secondary Education. The news of Zimmer’s new position was announced on February 27, which left many wondering of who would replace Zimmer as principal.

Over the course of several months, there was a lengthy process to decide the best suitable candidate. The interview process narrowed down the choices to Erickson and an outside candidate. Both parties had several groups interview them: an administrative group, parent group, teacher group, and classified staff group.

Erickson will be transitioning from the role of Associate Principal to Principal. While his current title and new title are similar, the duties are very different. Previously, Erickson’s area of focus was with upperclassmen, especially pertaining to graduation, parking, and more. However, as principal, Erickson will oversee all high school grade levels and have a larger focus on the school’s environment.

This new change in direction within the district has many excited for what is to come. This change will include new opportunities for improvement at PVHS.

Erickson strongly believes he can help make positive improvements. “I want to focus on school culture. I believe that we can work and improve on ways to better relationships between staff and students, parents and students, and parents and staff,” he said.

This important aspect of the school is worth time being spent on. “In increasing the communication, we can all achieve our goals. At the end of the day, we all have the same goal,” Erickson stated.

Zimmer is confident in the school district’s decision to name Erickson as principal. “Mr. Erickson has a great relationship with the staff and students, and has a long history here at PV. He understands the current initiatives we have going on right now, and we felt that at this moment in time, he was the best to help move forward,” he said.

PV senior Susan Anil believes the changes will be great for everyone. “I think that this change will be overall beneficial to the Pleasant Valley school district. I think both Mr. Erickson and Mr. Zimmer will thrive in their new positions, and will make the district better in their own respective ways,” she said.  

Overall, Erickson is looking forward to taking over this position. “I worked under two principals and have a ton of respect for them. The thought of that I am going to be following up on two great principals is pretty exciting and humbling at the same time,” he said.

Erickson will begin the transitioning of roles at the beginning of the summer in 2019, with Zimmer there giving him the guidance and support he needs.