Student Council’s efforts are greatly rewarding the Hunger Drive


Darsh Balani

Team Spooky participating at the Powderpuff Football tournament.

Darsh Balani, Business Manager

With the Student Hunger Drive underway, both the Spartan Student Council and teachers are coming up with many creative ways to raise cans. 

Their fun and engaging events, such as their Powder Puff and Trivia Night events, attract the attention of many students, and thus their cans and money. “I like to attend Hunger Drive events because it’s a great opportunity to give back to the community while doing something fun,” said junior Ani Pradeep. 

In the Powderpuff event, female competitors paid to enter a flag football competition in teams of six, while in Reverse Powderpuff, male students paid a fee to play competitive volleyball with more than 100 other participants. At Trivia Night, students paid $5 to enter a ten team, Halloween themed trivia competition.  “In three of these fun events, the Hunger Drive raised $508, $519, and $321 in dollars and cans, respectively,” said junior and Student Council member Muskan Basnet. 

The most successful Hunger Drive event by far has been Improv night, through which the student council was able to raise over 1400 in money and cans. They were able to do this by hosting the Minute-to-Win-It challenge at the Improv night, in which the audience members had only one minute to donate money or cans to the improv team or performer that they supported. 

Student Council are not the only people coming up with interesting incentive, as teachers are doing the same to motivate and encourage students to bring cans and money for the cause. Teachers Sara Russel and Jason Landa are throwing food parties if a certain can threshold is met. “Since I am moving away in a week, Mr. Landa is letting us throw a rager the day before I leave,” said junior Max Broussalian. “Since we reached our class can amount, we can bring food and watch a movie on that day.”

Teachers like Mrs. Holland have other fun and unique motivations for the Hunger Drive. As a chemistry teacher, Holland is having a s’more day for the class who brings in the most cans/money. “It’s cool that we can have fun and yet still apply chemistry on the s’more day,” said senior Margaret Huang. 

Their efforts are greatly rewarding, as these events are responsible for more than ten percent of the money and cans raised by PV, as they are able to grab the attention and cans of students around the school.