Elizabeth Warren takes on the QC


Amulya Pillutla

Senior Margret Huang posing with Senator Warren at Davenport North High School during her rally.

Amulya Pillutla, Staff Contributer

People from all around the Quad Cities gathered in Davenport North High School’s gym on Nov. 3 to listen to Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren speak.

As the primaries in Iowa are approaching quickly, Elizabeth Warren has been reaching out to Iowa to gain their support to become the Democratic nominee. During her talk at Davenport North High School, Warren talked about her life as a child and how she developed an interest in money, politics, and teaching. She also discussed the policies that she is looking to implement if she becomes the president of the United States. 

When Warren was a child, her mom almost lost her house due to lack of money. Her mom decided to get a full time minimum wage job and that job saved her house and her family. Through this experience Warren understood a very important lesson in life, “no matter how scared you and and how matters how hard it looks, you reach down deep and it pull it up and take care of yourself and the people you love”.

As she continued her life, she kept this in mind. 

As Warren progressed to become a teacher, a lawyer, and later a politician, she realized that today, a full time minimum wage job is not enough to keep a child and a mom out of poverty. Even if a mom wanted to reach down deep and pull it out of her, society was not allowing her to be successful.

After deeply analyzing the situation in the country she found that the government is working for those who have a lot of money and is disregarding the people in the working class. In order to counteract this problem, Warren presented three different steps: attack corruption, make structural changes, and protect our democracy.

When some people were asked why they are here to support Warren, they responded saying, “she is fighting for the equality of every person, not just the people who are privileged. She is looking for social justice for everyone”.

Senior Margaret Huang attended this event, and she believes that, “Warren is very inspiration as she believes that when some big corporations say no, to meet the problems of our time, we need big ideas and we need to be able to fight for them. This is a message that is important for our younger generation”.