Students and world news: why it is imperative to stay globally up to date


Kate Stewart

Senior Cienna Pangan holds a globe in front of the United States flag to represent the importance of focus on world news rather than just national news.

Kate Stewart, Copy Editor

Though technology is now as advanced as it has ever been and social media sources have surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans, students today do not recognize the importance of utilizing their resources in order to stay up to date on current world events.

The importance of remaining informed about not only local events but also worldwide events comes from the importance of being an informed citizen of the United States and society as a whole. 

While this expectation of being informed in order to make educated decisions is evident for world politicians and leaders, the same standards should be set for everyday citizens, including students. 

By staying up to date, students can be ready for how world events will affect them after they begin to integrate into the real world. Senior Rece Vining addressed the importance . “It allows one to prepare for things affecting the US domestic situation, such as potential collapse in world markets, a refugee crisis, etc.,” he said.

In addition to having access to news from around the world, students agree that other countries should be updated on events occurring in the US. Senior Margaret Huang addressed the importance of other countries staying current on news from around the world. “The US affects lots of other countries because of its position as a world power and its prevalence in the media,” she said. 

The involvement of the US in the media today is likely a reflection of its heavy influence on other countries. The involvement of the United States stretches across the globe, including both trade and war efforts. Currently the United States has trade relations with more than 75 other countries, and the US military has soldiers deployed in more than 150 countries worldwide. 

While current events will always be important to stay updated on for both students and citizens, events like the ongoing  War on Terror continue to cause ramifications that can affect the futures of people everywhere.

Though 82 percent of high school students today report having phones, students still do not utilize their access to technology to their full advantage. With the resources available to students daily, more time and energy should be focused on the happenings of the world, rather than just local or national news. 

In order to have a future generation that makes educated decisions, it is imperative that students understand and are educated on the importance of staying current with events around the world.