The real cost of impeachment: the relentless battle is coming to an end


John Hain from Pixabay

Insults swirl around President Trump’s head as impeachment proceedings finally come to a promising end.

Morgan McCartney, Business Manager

It has felt like years since news of impeachment came into society’s mind and filled the media’s conversations. While Democrats are still pushing for this “radical” president to be booted out of office, the whole process has only crushed their 2020 election dreams.

As articles of impeachment make their way through the full House and public hearings commence, the chances of a final decision being made appears to be on the horizon. Although there is a slight chance President Trump could be impeached by the end of the month, the truth is Democrats have only been wasting their time and American tax dollars. 

The Democratic party has tried many different tactics to try to get Trump out of the White House and out of mind. First it was attacking the President’s active Twitter account, then it was bringing up the mistakes of his past, and of course the romanticized idea of “Russian collusion”. While Trump has emerged from these attempts un-scathed, the talk of impeachment solidified the fact that stubborn left wingers will do anything to get their ”beloved” Trump out of office.

As the final vote draws near, Advertising Analytics confirms that, “$8.3 million has been spent nationwide on ads talking about President Trump’s impeachment.” With these expenditures coming from citizen’s paychecks, are the true motives of this impeachment really in the public’s favor?

Although efforts to destroy President Trump’s image have been in full force, the people aren’t buying it. From the beginning of March to the end of September, more than 50% of the public did not support the impeachment inquiries. This division of the people leaves this situation in a difficult place. 

Even so, these attempts to discredit the president do not sway the opinion of senior Jackson McLaughlin. “The Democrats have become so close minded to hating Trump that they’ve tried to explore any ridiculous avenue to try and remove him. Some may not agree with the decisions he’s made, but that is no reason to impeach him,” said McLaughlin.

Republicans remain steadfast in their beliefs and have faith that the Senate will keep them in good hands when the time comes for them to put impeachment to a vote. According to Andrew C. McCarthy of the National Review, this impeachment process is exactly what the founding fathers did not want to happen in America.

The impeachment clauses state that, “in a governing system in which impeachment has been trivialized into a partisan weapon for straitjacketing the incumbent administration, rather than being reserved as a nuclear option for misconduct so egregious that Congress must act, transcending partisan, factional, or ideological considerations,” reported McCarthy.

On December 18, however, a decision was made in the House of Representatives. With the majority of the House being Democrats, they voted to impeach Trump on the grounds of obstruction of congress and abuse of power. While this result was foreseeable, the Democrats’ abuse of power creates a hypocrisy. How is preventing certain witnesses to testify and allowing hearsay not an abuse of power on the Democrats’ part?

With this scarlet “I” now tied to Donald Trump’s image for the rest of time, he has yet again made another mark on history. But, the hope is that this is not his last mark come 2020 election time. Or perhaps re-election time.