What the alumni are doing now: Kade Coudron and esports


Kade Couldron

2018 graduate Kade Coudron competes in collegiate esport competitions all while keeping up with his schoolwork at Iowa State.

Elise Johnson, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Many students already play video games just for fun, but imagine continuing that hobby past graduation into a collegiate team. This is exactly what 2018 graduate Kade Coudron partakes in.

Kade Coudron has always desired to be at the top of his game with everything he could in life. Throughout high school, Coudron was always determined to better himself in every aspect; he had a lot of passion for his fitness, academics, trumpet and, now, League of Legends.

Today, Coudron attends Iowa State University as a business major and is a member of the ISU League of Legends team. This team only accepts students through scheduled tryouts, and everyone on the team is in the top 1% of players worldwide.

“Everyone on the team is very skilled, and it takes a lot of work to keep up with all the teams goals,” Coudron stated. “We compete in a lot of big tournaments with other colleges, and it’s very rewarding to see how much our hard work pays off for the team and for ourselves.”

Although he thoroughly enjoys being a part of this team, it takes a lot of work for him to keep up with his daily life. “I often find myself juggling my school, work and hobbies in life when trying to make place for the team in my schedule,” Coudron said. “Even though it’s not easy to do it all, I’m passionate about my other hobbies in life and my academics as well and don’t let esports get in the way of succeeding in them as well.”

To this day, Coudron still avidly works on his fitness, academics and partakes in concert band at the university — all while working two different jobs. “[Coudron has] always been a very hard working guy as long as i’ve known him,” 2017 graduate Ian Applington stated. “It’s not often that he gives up, and it doesn’t surprise me that he wants to put all of this pressure on himself to do all these things.”

Coudron acts as a great role model for the student body at PVHS; being the hardworking, passionate and dedicated person he is, he shows people the impossible can be possible with a bit of hard work. As Coudron motivates himself to be the best person he can be, others should use him as an example to do the same.