Caffeine ‘buzzes’ throughout the high school


Blake Sherman

Caitlin Simon enjoys her highly caffeinated beverage before start of the school day.

Blake Sherman, Photo Manager

The consumption of coffee and caffeine in the morning affects many high schoolers — with many students going to coffee shops before school in order to fuel their addiction.

Caffeine has impacted many students who incorporate it into their daily routine; many have gone to say they need more than one drink a day to wake up. They explained the need to consume caffeine every morning to function and get the day started.

Junior Kameron Lee said, “I’ve been drinking caffeine on a regular basis for three years now and I drink two cups of coffee a day made at my house usually.” Lee is like most people at the high school; these students drink coffee regularly with an intent to drink multiple cups a day.

“I couldn’t possibly give up coffee or caffeine in the morning because I feel like I need it to function … [I] also drink a cup in the afternoon to make it through the rest of the day.” he continued.

The need to have coffee in the morning is faced by many students and adults; in order for them to make it through the day, the early caffeine boost is vital. Junior Eli Erickson, who visits Atomic most mornings, has a different approach when it comes to his caffeine addiction.

“I’ve been drinking caffeine for two years straight now,” Erickson said. “I usually pick up Atomic drinks every single day and hit up Atomic after school a couple times a week.” Erickson shows there is not always coffee being sipped at home, but rather Atomic energy drinks mixed with Rockstar. This is a substitute for coffee, which usually provides the same caffeine buzz for many others.

Both students show there is a correlation between coffee and energy drinks being consumed and represents the same patterns used by both students to obtain this caffeine. The students show there is a harder time for giving up caffeine and feeling a buzz in the morning to fully wake up and get the day started for all high schoolers.With many students bringing an attitude of being “groggy” and “sluggish” when their caffeine wants are not met in the morning providing an need for the caffeine once and for all.