REVIEW: Netflix original “Outer Banks,” the mystery action series you can’t get enough of

Netflix original “Outer Banks”


Netflix original “Outer Banks”

Jack Young, Photo Manager

“The Outer Banks” is a Netflix original series that was launched on Apr 15. It follows a teenager and his three best friends who are on a hunt to find a legendary treasure linked to the disappearance of the main character’s father.

The series is set on an island referred to as the “Outer Banks”. On this island, there are two sides of people: the Kooks and the Pogues. The Kooks are the people who have it made for them, so they live luxurious lives on the north side of the island The Pogues are those usually working for the Kooks and are a part of the working class. As described in the series, “Kooks have two houses while Pogues have two jobs”. 

The plot starts when there is a hurricane on the island that causes a shipwreck. Not much is thought of the incident, but the group of teens (John B, Kie, Pope and JJ) go to investigate the shipwreck. 

Things start to get suspicious when the island goes into lock-down until the boat is discovered. when the teens go look into the shipwreck, they find  a compass that was once John B’s dads’. This is what gives him the idea to try and finish what his dad started until he disappeared: finding the lost treasure of an old shipwreck that is said to have 400 million dollars worth of gold. 

The series has a good plot and a  talented cast that was able to pull it off. The script and dialogue in the series was also appealing, as ithad a large amount of modern slang  in it that appeals more to teenagers. 

Although the series was very dramatic and a little cheesy – as most Netflix originals are- it was balanced out with a large amount of action and  plot twists. Just when things seem to settle down, another catastrophic event occurs. The last episodes will have viewers on the edge of their chairs the whole time. 

The ten episode series is easy to binge, but unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Apr or May of 2021 to follow up the cliff hanger left at the end of season one.