The Quad Cities steps up to help pandemic relief


TBK Bank Facebook

Graphic used to promote the virtual run to provide relief for Coronavirus workers.

Karleigh Nading, Opinion Editor

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, hope can be scarce. With daily lives uprooted and unemployment reaching new heights, there can be little to look forward to.

But people around the Quad Cities are rising up and providing some much needed hope around the community.

Many small businesses and their employees around the QC have been affected by the raging virus. The TBK Bank created a virtual run in order to raise money for those affected. 

With details given through Facebook, runners can run anywhere, record their time and will be sent a shirt for participating. The proceeds are donated directly to help healthcare, local business, temporary unemployed and other front line workers for relief. 

Participant of the run, senior Abbey Wehrheimn stated, “It’s great seeing so many people support others through this hard time and I was happy I could be a part of it,” she said. 

Among the various things affected by Covid-19 have been local homeless shelters because they do not have the ability to social distance. Homeless shelters are just one of the places closed that many rely on and with the close of these essential things, the heart of the QC is brought out.

Some of the homeless have been able to shelter in hotels to stay safe and be able to social distance. Local hotels have housed over 100 people in need.

Churches United of the Quad Cities (CUQCA) along with other organizations have stepped up to provide meals through this unsteady time. Melvin Grimes of CUQCA stated “…we will serve a hot meal each Monday through Saturday.”

Another organization shown to be helping the relief and the homeless through the hard times has been Crow Valley Golf Club. Crow Valley donated 110 meals to the homeless for an Easter Sunday dinner this year.

Senior George Venzke commented on uplifting acts, “Social distancing is important but it is also important we help those in need,” he said. “It’s sad to see the shelters close but also good news to know people can get the help they need.” 

All over the world people’s lives have changed negatively due to Coronavirus. Many are without jobs, food and homes. People of the QC are working to relieve some of the stress and bring hope to the unprecedented times now named the new normal.