Covid-19’s effect on recruitment and scholarships for student athletes.

Covid-19’s effect on recruitment and scholarships for student athletes.

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Jack Young, Photo Manager

With new rules being released regarding recruiting at the collegiate level, Covid-19 makes getting recruited even harder for athletes looking to play at the next level.

The NCAA released multiple new rules in order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. First, they created an in-person recruitment ban. This means that recruits aren’t able to visit any campuses of the schools they are talking to.

The lack of visits adds on more stress to incoming recruits. “Not being able to take a visit has added stress for me because the schools I do have offers from are wanting to rush my decision. It’s hard to make a decision when I haven’t been able to see the location,” Junior Seth Clausen says. 

This rule slows down the process because there are a lot of things that must happen in order for a scholarship to be offered and they all push each other back.

Another decision impacting recruiting is the decision to add an extra year of eligibility for spring sports. What this means is that the previous rule stating “Students are limited to four seasons in a five year period” is no longer active and instead schools can choose to waiver to restore one season for those who had their season shortened due to Covid-19. 

This extra year of eligibility has a domino effect on incoming recruits because of the lack of roster space. When some seniors stay an extra year, the incoming freshman who would have essentially filled their spots and scholarships are now left without a spot. 

This new rule hit close to home with Clausen. “For me, bigger schools are more hesitant to throw out scholarship offers because they have quite a few guys on their rosters that they would have to release in order to take on more recruits,” Clausen says. 

Another effect Covid-19 has on recruitment is the cancelling of seasons. Because spring sports are being cancelled athletes who were looking to get recruited just got a big opportunity taken away. Junior season is arguably the most important year athletes have in order to get recruited. This is why their seasons being cancelled can possibly ruin their shot of a scholarship. 

The cancelling of spring sports has had a huge impact on Junior soccer player Isabel Russmann. “I was excited to get film from this season to help get recruited,” Russman says. Due to no games being played players now can’t get film that is crucial to get recruited. 

All of the cancelation is also removing many opportunities to be seen by coaches. “I am getting emails about camps getting cancelled, and regionals got cancelled,” Russmann says. 

The NCAA is doing all they can to help the current problem of recruitment but as of now this is a difficult time for student athletes looking to land a scholarship.