REVIEW: All-American sheds light on societal issues


Karleigh Nading

The start of All-American on Netflix inspired by a true story.

Karleigh Nading, Opinion Editor

Inspired by a true story, All-American has risen to popularity after the second season of the series was released on Netflix on Mar. 17. It follows the life of Spencer James, a football star in a low income part of the Los Angeles area. 

With the hopes of making a career out of football, All-American follows Spencer’s journey as he leaves his home town of Crenshaw to play football at a high end highschool in Beverly Hills. 

Living with his football coach to be eligible to play for his new school, Beverly Hills gives Spencer a luxurious life unlike his home life in Crenshaw.

Spencer begins to meet friends in Beverly Hills and makes strides towards earning a football scholarship. But the series does more than highlight Spencer’s path to a football career: All-American sheds light on many societal issues. 

A focus on Spencer’s life in Crenshaw and Beverly Hills draws attention to the disappearance of his father, race, gang violence, addiction, mental illness and poverty. 

The two season show portrays both Spencer’s lives, his new life in Beverly Hills and at home in Crenshaw with his mom, brother and best friend, Coop.

In Beverly Hills, Spencer life’s shows the reality of mental illness and addiction as his new girlfriend and friends have struggled with the two.

The double life Spencer leads eventually catches up with him as gang violence deals him a tough card resulting in an injury. The series ends in a cliffhanger questioning where his path leads next.

Overall, All-American is a series that brings light to overlooked problems in today’s society. With talented actors, the show has realistic scenes and demonstrates the contrast of the worlds Spencer has a foot in each of.

With emotion portrayed and correlating music, All-American easily makes watchers feel the struggles the characters live through.

The series, that however can be cheesy at times, is a good watch and portrays hard to talk about subjects well. With every episode there is a new unexpected twist. 

All-American is set to air a third season of Spencer’s dramatic journey in the fall of 2020.