We are ALL IN this together


Morgan Ramirez

Freshman Molly Ramirez watches the Jonas Brothers’ ALL IN Challenge video on the ALL IN Challenge website about what they are offering for the winner of their sweepstakes.

Lena Ahrens, Social Media Manager

COVID-19 has made it more difficult for people across the world to get the food they need. Prior to the virus, there were already many people fighting hunger and struggling with food insecurities, but now there are more than before.

To fight this, many people are working together to try to help stop hunger. A very popular way people are trying to make a difference is with the ‘ALL IN Challenge.’ The ALL IN Challenge aims to be the world’s largest digital fundraiser in history by raising tens of millions of dollars to feed those in need.

The ALL IN Challenge foundation is benefiting five different non-profit organizations: Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, America’s Food Fund, Feeding America and World Central Kitchen. All of the donations given to the ALL IN Challenge foundation through their auctions, sweepstakes and the “Donate Now” option on their webpage, will be given to those charities.

Many celebrities and athletes are doing auctions and sweepstakes to help motivate people to donate for the cause. The Jonas Brothers are one of the many celebrities participating in the ALL IN Challenge. They are offering a barbecue at the winner’s home and will give back to a charity or cause of the winner’s choice.

Once the celebrity or athlete has accepted the ALL IN Challenge, they nominate a few other people to participate in the challenge in order to keep the challenge going and to raise more money for the cause. The Jonas Brothers nominated three other people to participate in the challenge: David Dobrik, Lewis Hamilton and Lewis Capaldi.

The app Tik Tok has been a huge platform in which the ALL IN Challenge has been noticed. The ALL IN Challenge was trending with the hashtag #allinchallenge. By using this hashtag, many people were posting their acceptance to the challenge via Tik Tok.

Charlie and Dixie D’amelio were two of the many that have participated and helped get the word out about the challenge. The D’amelio sisters offered the winner of their sweepstakes a trip to NYC for a full day of fun.

Freshman Molly Ramirez thinks the ALL IN Challenge is impactful and important for people to participate in, but she also thinks it is good for the social appearance of many celebrities. “It’s a great idea [and] it’s a good way for their platforms to expand,” she stated. “[It’s] a good way for their fans to interact with them and see what they’re like off camera.”

Sophomore Natalie Carslake thinks the ALL IN Challenge is a great fundraiser and is helping so many people. “From movie premieres to lessons with professional athletes, anyone can find something they enjoy,” she expressed. “It’s also amazing how many people have come together through this challenge to make an effort towards ending hunger.”

By donating, many people who are struggling with food insecurities will benefit and fewer people will be hungry. These times are hard for everyone and helping those who are in need is one way everyone can truly stand together.