Platinum’s road to state with COVID-19 restrictions


Elizabeth Hughes

Platinum’s Varsity team before performing at the first halftime show of the year.

Kelly Brewer, Social Media Manager

COVID-19 has no doubt had a negative impact on society. Pleasant Valley’s Platinum dance team was no exception. They have faced major changes in how they are preparing for the state competition in November. 


In previous years, Platinum has had multiple practices a week during the summer and attended dance camp.


At camp, they would learn various dances which they would then perform at football and basketball games. They would practice these dances during the summer, while also learning side lines and other dances choreographed by coaches and team members. They perform one dance during halftime and cheer on the team on the side of the field. 


Due to COVID-19, Platinum was unable to hold summer practices nor attend dance camp. They lost many hours of valuable practice time and opportunities for team bonding. Team bonding is beneficial to the team, as the more comfortable they are around each other, the better they are able to practice and perform together. 


As for state, there have been several changes in the rules and regulations: Lifts are no longer allowed, all formations must be 6 feet apart and touching is prohibited. Traditionally, all of these components are incorporated into a dance, proving this year’s choreography exceptionally challenging.


In addition to the new rules and regulations, the date of the state competition has been moved from December to November. This leaves a month less of time to practice on top of the lost practice time from the summer. 


This year at state, the judges will be present virtually. Varsity dancer Louie Conn said, “We will either submit a video, or go perform for the virtual judges in Wells Fargo arena.” Judging will be dependent on the conditions of COVID-19 closer to the competition date. 


Despite the many challenges posed by COVID-19, Platinum is facing them head on and is determined to “finish business” and take home several awards, just like they have in the past.


Sophomore Grace Sherman is heading to state as a varsity dancer for the first time this year.“[I am] very nervous because of all the setbacks but also very excited to see how well the team can do under so much pressure,” said Sherman. Having been able to adapt and overcome several challenges, the team believes they are closer than ever and is very excited to compete in November.


Platinum has been working extra hard during practices to clean and perfect their state jazz and pom dances. They are hoping to have an award-winning competition thanks to their hard work and dedication this fall.