Where did homecoming go?


Senior Sarah Babka’s homecoming group last year

Lily Barrett, Student Life Editor

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this school year is everything but normal. Masks, social distancing and constant sanitization have become the new norm, leading to the question: how will school dances be held?

Generally, homecoming is a week full of school spirit, excitement and nervousness as seniors and underclassmen alike wait to see who will be on homecoming court. This year, however, students are missing out on the typical fall tradition. With homecoming postponed to spring, many students are wondering how the dance will change.

Spartan Assembly was presented with four options by administration explained adviser Rachel Hart “[The options were] not having homecoming at all, having homecoming the weekend of one of our home games in October, [where]it would just be the court – no assembly, parade, or carnival, in the late winter/early spring during basketball season,we would not be able to have a carnival or parade due to the chilly Iowa winters, or the spring during soccer season, [where]the option for outdoor events is possible,” explained Hart.

Homecoming was rescheduled to take place during the spring, after a soccer game. “The vast majority of our Assembly voted to have it in the spring because we would be able to hold the majority of our festivities.” Hart commented. 

Festivities-including homecoming court, the carnival and assembly-are still planned, and should be able to take place in the spring, when there will be better weather for people to gather outside. 

Although not all students intend to participate in school dances, this year’s changes are likely to affect all.

The freshman class has yet to experience a highschool dance or assembly, and it can be  difficult for them to transition from junior high to high school without this defining experience. “Taking our homecoming and moving it to spring is bad because going into freshman year it’s something we come excited for and is a kickoff to the school year,” freshman Morgan Russman stated.

For seniors, there’s more disappointment. “I think it would’ve felt more normal to have homecoming court and festivities this fall, but I’m glad the school is still making an effort to have the dance,” Senior Seth Clausen stated. “Especially because it’s our last homecoming.” 

Although this school year is unlike anything seen before, students and administrators are working to keep as many traditions in the safest way possible.